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  1. Re: 9 month old tries to roll while nursing?

    I wish he would stay wrapped in a blanket, but he haaaates the blanket. He's never slept in a baby sleeping bag because he likes his legs to be uncovered (except for actual pants or leggings). He...
  2. Re: 9 month old tries to roll while nursing?

    Thanks! The "no biting" has worked, so "no rolling" may do the trick. :)
  3. 9 month old tries to roll while nursing?

    So we've made it this far, through oversupply issues and DS rejecting one breast (now I'm lopsided :lol) to being a dedicated milk monster at 9 months. Side-lying nursing has become a favourite, but...
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    Re: Crying while nursing

    Does your breast get very soft while nursing? I discovered that my lo gets frustrated as my breast softens quickly (due to forceful letdown) and he is happier when I hold it in a c or u grip so that...
  5. Forceful/overactive letdown questions

    I think I have OALD but only have a problem with my left breast.

    My baby is just getting to 7 weeks and has gained weight really well, good diaper output (though tends to be explosive) ranging...
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    Re: Lipase in my freezer stash?

    Was that my post? :o I'm sorry to have made you worry. If your baby is taking your frozen milk, then your milk is fine and you can keep feeding your baby from your stash. :) Excess lipase (if you...
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    Re: Breastfeeding/Bottle

    My baby has hit the one month mark and we have bought a Medela Calma in preparation for introducing a bottle at around 6-8 weeks (just for occasional feeding and outings--I'm still going to be mainly...
  8. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    I've been meaning to update but have had lots of problems logging in. :-/
    Really happy to say that at his one month weigh in, my baby was 4.4 kg, which moves him from the 25% percentile at 2 weeks...
  9. Re: breast engorged but unable to pump m

    I found that when I was very engorged, I could hand express enough so that my breast was just soft enough for my baby to latch.

    One thing to watch out for--when your baby spit the nipple back out,...
  10. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    Thank you for the tip. I'll try that next time as well.
  11. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    That's a good idea about the pediactrician. I'll ask if they are willing.

    Mine is a zero to sixty baby--the moment I get him onto my chest he is already bobbing away like a crazy chicken! It's...
  12. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    Lol at the zombie-like grunting! Now I know what I have to look forward to...
  13. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    And thanks mommal for the reassurance. :)
  14. Re: Laid back nursing and calming a newb

    It's reassuring to hear that your 16 month old can still get frantic! I've only seen peacefully bfing babies so far--nobody shows the ones who panic and turn tomato red while trying to find the...
  15. Laid back nursing and calming a newborn?

    I'm currently feeding my son using laid back nursing and it feels so different to the other holds. LO's latch and sucking seem so gentle and his mouth doesn't look as wide open as with the more...
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