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  1. What should I do with all of this milk?

    I am not sure if this is the right location for this post, but here goes.

    In January I had a thyroidectomy. For that procedure, I was supposed to have taken Potassium Iodide for the 10 days...
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    Re: How Much Milk is Needed?

    Thanks for the replies. My next question is- Does anyone have any suggestions for getting her to take a bottle from me? She is somewhat compliant with bottle feeding from my husband and does ok at...
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    How Much Milk is Needed?

    I am not certain that this post belongs here, but hopefully it can be moved if necessary.

    I am scheduled for a thyroidectomy on the 28th of this month. Starting tomorrow, I have to take SSKI...
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    Re: What do you call it?

    We call them num-nums too. Not real sure how it originated.
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    Re: another thrush question

    When we had a particularly bad round of it, I rinsed her mouth with 2-3 cc of water after nursing. This would help keep any residual milk out as thrush loves milk. Maybe it would help for you, maybe...
  6. Reverse Cycling, Night Waking, and Needing to Be Functional

    My DD- born in late February was sleeping (mostly) through the night in May. She would go down about 8:30 or 9 and sleep until 3, nurse, and then sleep until 6 (when I had to take her to the sitter)....
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    Re: breast pump blues

    I know that you said that your insurance would not pay for it, but you may be able to find a way around that.

    I for example struggled with thrush and a large crack. My Dr. prescribed a pump to...
  8. Re: What kind of Doctor do you go to for thrush

    I was treated for this by my ob during my postpartum visits (2,4,6,8 weeks). Once I cleared it up, and DD was a few months old, it came back, ob would not treat. I then had to go to my family...
  9. Re: Here comes school time - and the tears....

    Well, today was better. Yesterday, she ate 2 oz. Sitter just heated up the bottle and sat it in front of her on the coffee table. SHe said she knew she was hungry and wanted to eat, but was not...
  10. Re: Here comes school time - and the tears....

    First day to day care was today. I dropped her off at 10:30, and dh picked up at 3:30. She refused the bottle. Didn't eat for six hours. Then I became the human snack bar when I got home. Not so bad...
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    Re: blocked duct/mastitis-help!

    I am so sorry to hear that you are having this difficulty. I too have had several blocked milk ducts. I have not had mastitis though. When I have a blocked milk duct, it has been helpful to put a...
  12. Re: Here comes school time - and the tears....

    Well, the big day is still approaching for me- Tuesday of next week and I am already worked up and not sleeping over it. I have been looking for alternate employment since I was on maternity leave in...
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    Re: It's Thrush.... so now what?

    My daughter and I battled this for over two months. I was much more effected by it than her. I was unable to stop the recurrence until I did the following combination of things. Hope this is of some...
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    Re: Do I HAVE to have a Breast Pump?

    Although you don't need one, I would suggest having at least a manual one on hand. Nobody wants to go to the store in the middle of the night, and I know I would rather pay $15 or 20 as insurance...
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    Re: Nipple problem

    My right side is less fruitful than my left, and I am slightly lopsided from it. My darling prefers to lay on her right side, so she does not nurse as well from my right side. She will only nurse in...
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    Fat content of pumped milk

    Clearly, I can not see the fat in the milk that my daughter simply nurses, but I pump three times a day for the local milk bank due to a pretty large excess supply. Well, when I was at work last...
  17. Re: My 7 month-old baby will NOT drink from a bottle

    I know this may sound strange, but my dd will only take a bottle if I am out of the building (and have been gone for a while). If I am in the house, you can forget it- and that is at my house, my...
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    Re: Teaching and Breast feeding

    If I am so unlucky as to have to go back, this will be my eighth year teaching elementary school. My DD was born 2/28/08, and I went back on 4/22. Fortunately, my boss' wife was my sitter. This...
  19. Re: questions on introducing solids...and a litte venting

    I agree that you should consider finding a new pediatrician (or family doctor). I would recommend that you go to an appointment (after you have found your new dr should you decide to do so) and have...
  20. Re: Will my supply ever "even out"....

    I would agree that you should stop the pumping if you are able. It can be an ongoing and time consuming deal. I was unable to regulate my supply due to my daughters erradic eating habits. I now pump...
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    Tanning and Milk

    I don't know if this is the right spot to post, but here goes.

    I am leaving for a family beach vacation in about ten days. I would like to go to the tanner a couple of times as that seems to...
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