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  1. Re: How long does it take to see an increase????

    I use a medala pump in style advanced. I had it with my first child. I was using this pump in October when my dd was still in the nicu and I was getting good output. I haven't been getting second...
  2. How long does it take to see an increase????

    I am doing everything I can!!

    I have a 3.5 month old DD, and I returned to work yesterday. Over last weekend my lo started wanting to nurse every 2 hours and quit sleeping well at night. I...
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    Re: Crying over spilled milk...

    :hug I almost cried when I spilled my milk all over the counter. Breast milk is LIQUID GOLD!!
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    Re: 4 Month Old Constipated

    How long has it been since his last bowel movement? At about this age my ds started having a bowel movement every 4-5 days and occasionally once a week. Its at this age that the digestive tract...
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    Re: Posterior Tongue-Tie

    I don't have personal experience, but my SIL successfully nursed 3 tongue-tied children (don't know what kind but anyone can tell they are). It was really hard for her at first for each child. She...
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    Re: Is bypassing bottles do-able?

    I started giving my ds a sippy cup around 6 months and he did fine. He had a harder time learning to drink from a straw, he didn't do that until 10 or 11 months. Once he started that then I stopped...
  7. Re: How long did it take for your milk to stop?

    Geez...years??? not exactly what I was hoping to hear!! Thanks for the feedback!!:love
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    Re: so we've weaned...

    I weaned really slow like that and then just stopped one night. I wasn't engorged the milk ducts just seemed a little tender. After a few days, it went away. I never had to express.
  9. How long did it take for your milk to stop?

    So I weaned my son in early November. It went a lot easier than I expected, I was really disappointed. Now it is almost february and I still have a little milk stored...I just notice that if I add...
  10. we have a little problem with biting

    My ds is just over 12 months now and we are down to one feeding at bedtime for the last 3 weeks, now the problem we are having is biting. When he gets tired he bites me. Sometimes it isn't that bad...
  11. Re: legally separated: overnights w/dad

    I just wanted to let you know that I posted a reply on the single mothers site. I know this is hard and I have been through a similar situation with my ds's father, although we were never married. ...
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    My son is almost a year old and I am almost at my breatfeeding goal :clap . I am considering letting him self-wean. I am very fortunate that my family is very supportive of bfing and also very...
  13. Re: Poly Vi Sol - Poop - Pump 4 work & Daddy (Help)

    Here goes:

    Vitamin D--my Ped. said that all i need to do is to take a short walk in the stroller everyday and that is enough. You don't have to be in direct sunlight to get the benefit, you just...
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    Re: drooling

    My ped said that drool production matures around 3 months old. That's exactly when i started noticing it on my son. On the other come children do teeth very early...as early as 2 months.:yikes I...
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    Re: good latch, no sucking???

    I know exactly what your going through and trust me if you keep at it you will breast feed.

    My son had difficulty nursing and was hospitalized and treated for jaundice at 3 days old. I had to...
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    Re: Refuses to sleep

    I don't know why my x is so dependent on his attorney. I think that if he shows to much compassion it will ruin his case. He insists that he only way he can bond with our son is if i am not there....
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    Re: Refuses to sleep

    I have tried to reconcile with my x, but his attorney will not allow him to make any decisions without her approval, and she approves of nothing. My next court date is March 30th, its my appeal.
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    Re: Refuses to sleep

    what is making this harder is i have to provide milk for the 32 hours CN is away. I stay up late to pump the feeding he typically skips. Sometimes he wakes up not long after i pump, and i don't...
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    Refuses to sleep

    My son's father and I are not together and recently he was granted overnight visitations by the court (against my wishes). Since the last visitation a week ago my son (he is 6 months old and...
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