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  1. Re: Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle - a few questions.

    i take 3 caps 3 x day of both fen & bles thist
  2. Re: Low supply on one side and strange odor...

    my left breast makes about half the amount that the right does. i have nevr understood this but this has been the case with all 5 of my boys!
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    Re: Low supply and hyperthyroidism


    I totally feel your frustration. While I have no solutions, I am here to lend an ear. I had difficulties with my babies too. It seems that those who REALY want to nurse have problems with...
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    Re: Passing Gas While Nursing?

  5. Re: 8 wk old gaining very slowly...help!

    Thanks for all the great encouragement and advice. Yes ds was born*water-logged*. I ws induced and went thru at least 2 bags in fluids. I have never had a bb this heavy (8.9). My heaviest...
  6. Re: baby doing this really strange gagging thing

    thanks for the info. i'll watch and see if syptoms worsen. i am not in a hurry to take ds to the pedi since all they'll want to do is medicate and i am against meds unless absol neccessary. i'll do...
  7. baby doing this really strange gagging thing

    My 8 wk old ds has been doing this weird gagging thing. He seems to gag on saliva? milk? in the back of his throat. Not all the time but often enough. DH said that last night it sounded like ds lost...
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    Re: I've given up...

    I'm so sorry that you are having difficulties. I know what you are feeling though. I wish I could go back in time and do things differntly from the start. Try to not *beat yourself up*. Enjoy your...
  9. Re: 8 wk old gaining very slowly...help!

    Hi Brittan,

    THANKS! for the encouraging words. I was beginning to panic a bit in thinking that I have been starving my DS for 8 wks. His diaper output is excellent...lots of mustardy poop and...
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    Re: lots of questions...6 week old

    DS is 8 wks old and cluster feeds too. Should this help or harm when bb is slowly gaining weight?
  11. Re: 8 wk old gaining very slowly...help!

    thanks mami. i really appreciate any help.
  12. 8 wk old gaining very slowly...help!


    DS is 8wks old. Birth wt was 8.9, lowest wt 7.13, wt @7wks was 9.10. LLL leader says that DS is barely gaining the minimum which I believe averages to 4 oz a week. I am taking fenugreek, and...
  13. Re: 6 weeks old & not gaining quickly enough

    hi, sorry typing one handed...nursing bb in the other arm. anyway, i too have a ds who sounds very much like beesweet's ds. gaining 4oz a week. ds is 8 wks. doc would love me to suppl, but i can't do...
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    Re: Where can I Find Fenugreek Pills?

    Raley's carries Fenugreek. Not sure if there's one where u live.
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    Re: How common is a TRUE low supply?

    I thank u for addressing this topic. I am mommy to 5 and with each one I have struggled with baby weight gain. All of them seem to have the same body structure. My youngest is 8 weeks and he too is...
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    Re: Is It Too Late For Me???


    No advice I can offer, just good thoughts and encouragement to hang in there and follow your heart. If you really want to re-lactate, then give it your all. You will not regret all your...
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    Re: Overweight baby...


    I was wondering what all you mommies have done to have such chunky babies. Sounds like your milk supply is abundant!! Can anyone tell me what it is like to have lots of milk. For instance...
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