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  1. still nursing a lot, picky eater, 21 mos

    Ladies I am confused. 21 mo old just wants to nurse. Eats good at dcp but when with me seriously just wants to nurse all the time. Which im okay with the nursing part but the refusal to eat is...
  2. Re: strike? cold possible ear infection

    Thanks for the reply. I love this forum. Strikes are very emotional it seems. It has only happened once to us before but I am handling this one a little better. It's hard not to wonder if maybe he...
  3. strike? cold possible ear infection

    My son is now refusing to nurse for the past 12 hrs. He's a 19 mo boob monster. He's had a cold for three days and has been congested that whole time but just started striking. He basically bawled...
  4. 18 mos pump weaning, confused and emotional

    I am seriously sick of pumping at work. Here's some background: tongue tie lip tie, severe GERD and cow milk protein allergy, crappy plumper and have had to rent hospital pump and pump 4x to get...
  5. Re: allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    Thanks for all the info! I will definitely call infantrisk today. Kellymom made reference to dr hale on her site and it said that any correlation to supply on antihistamines was anecdotal and no...
  6. allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    I normally pump about 15 oz while at work. This week I have felt like it has been challenging to pump. Yesterday I counted it and only got 12 oz. Naturally i freaked out. Today I got 14.5. Idk if...
  7. Re: constipation and nursing/solids

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I dont pressure to eat but I will confirm that my dcp does not also. And we will continue with breastfeeding as we have been. I really want to make it until two...
  8. Re: constipation and nursing/solids

    Used to be every couple days and go between loose and formed. Last prob two mos has become consistently formed sometimes pellets and up to a week between stools.
  9. constipation and nursing/solids

    My 16 mo old struggles with constipation. This has been an issue since starting solids but has worsened lately. He eats sporadic meals. Often times he refuses solids. I am not super proactive...
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    want to make it to two

    My baby just turned one! !! Question for you btdt moms. I really want to continue breastfeeding until baby is two. What does that generally look like? Reason I ask is that I work full time and he...
  11. one year old fussiness and bf concern

    My just turned twelve month old has been acting a bit cranky lately (major understatement). He's been pretty fussy and upset in the evenings. I also have a hard time getting him to nurse well until...
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    Re: dropping a pump session

    Something has to give. I have massive mommy guilt over it but it is getting very difficult. Im a single full time working mom. i have prob 200 oz
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    Re: pumping on vanpool

    Thanks for the thoughts ladies. My doula said I should totally do it but im not sure lol. Idea was born mostly out of desparation
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    dropping a pump session

    Want to try dropping one pump session. We are at 11 mos now. He still drinks 9-12 oz at daycare. I get 12-16 now with four pumps. Is my supply overall going to plummet? Scared to compromise my...
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    Re: pumping on vanpool

    dation, like a train, plane, or bus? Or is this a private thing? in many places, your right to pump in public would be protected in a public accommodation- this is why moms can and do pump on...
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    pumping on vanpool

    So I am either super overly comfortable with bf or this is a weird idea. Yes? No? If I join thr van pool it would save me sixty miles a day in commute and a bit of time with my baby. Not ready to...
  17. giving tray of food vs one bite at a time

    My baby is almost 11 mos old. I have been doing baby led weaning/solids. When I feed him, I just give him a tray full of bites of multiple foods and let him at it, or allow him to graze off the...
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    pumping at work - no fridge

    Okay, I will be pumping at a new work location starting Monday. I am lucky enough to have a new boss that will let me use a spare office in our area rather than have to travel to a different...
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    Re: poop!

    Thank you ladies! We see GI for unrelated gerd. I had a feeling it was within the realm of normal. He only gets his size couple handfuls of food per day so mostly bm still. Most drs that we...
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    While ebf, DS would poop every day. It decreased to every other day once we started with a few bites of food once a day. Now we do solids two to three times a day and have developed a pattern of...
  21. Re: Daycare transition and increased nursing?

    Haha im glad I'm not the only one that can't shower without baby. Mine is only ten mos but the only way I can shower is if he sits in the tub and plays with toys or else he screams the whole time...
  22. Re: 10 mos pumping solids and milk consumption

    Thanks for the response! This is great info and very helpful. I wondered if he would change his interest and hunger level over the next couple months. I wish I had discovered these forums sooner!...
  23. Re: 10 mos pumping solids and milk consumption

    Thank you for both replies! I so want to continue to nurse well into toddlerhood so it wihld would be devastating to me if weaningfrom ppump compromised that. Thank you for the encouragement.
  24. Re: Extra small nipples = pumping hell! So frustrated!!!!!

    omg I could have written this. I struggle with the 21 mm flange also. I have to compress, move my nipple closer to the edge, AND I can't use the hands free which I really really need to be able to....
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    Re: Back to work and exhausted

    My ten month old still wakes frequently (sometimes hourly) and resettles with nursing. I would have died of exhaustion by now if not for cosleeping. I have also read a lot of moms who say their...
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