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    Re: Nursing 15 month

    Mommal how do I join the Relationships & Sexuality forum? I did look at my control panel, but don't know what to do from there.
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    Re: Nursing 15 month

    Sorry ladies for the late response. I appreciate your concerns and efforts to write and share ideas. Yes, we have spoken millions of times it seems. I've been married so long it seems like it never...
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    Nursing 15 month

    I am so greatful to be still nursing my 15 month old baby girl. However; it's definitely a challenge. Since she pretty much gets distracted with any sound, movement, or dad & big brother. Sometimes...
  4. Re: Nursing 14 mo. Right boob ?

    Mommal, yes Ive pretty much always felt full. I have pretty much calculated if I am low on H2O, then I'm pretty much soft. You are correct as baby eats more solids milk production slows. I try to...
  5. Nursing 14 mo. Right boob ?

    Hi mamas, so I'm beyond thankful my bundle of joy and I hit the 1yr mark of course. However, it seems my stressing over breastfeeding never ends. I've always felt my boobs full up until about the 1...
  6. Re: Whoohoo!!! We succeed, 1 yr.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great advice. I'm just enjoying the fact that we can still breastfeed at this point. It's such a miracle, what a woman's body can do for her baby. I'm totally in awe,...
  7. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Omg, too funny. My baby girl finds it so funny she literally cracks up laughing :roflwhen she finds her papa ( aka boobs ). She will poke at my nipple and say papa and laugh. :poke

    Or now she...
  8. Whoohoo!!! We succeed, 1 yr.

    Okay, ladies I'm very happy because my little peanut and I made it to a whole year. :cheer. She has always been an EBF baby. At times it was scary and I drove myself insane believing my milk was...
  9. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    Thanks Mommal for the reassurance and putting into prospect that Im just probably over worried. It was never a question if I trust my baby girl. It was more about me and my body. You and all the...
  10. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    Okay so she just woke up for her morning breakfast at 6:55am. She ate from the left side. Which seemed pretty full, she stopped like at 7:10am. She then woke up again to eat at 7:48aam. She only ate...
  11. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    I definitely will go see my doctor to rule any medical conditions out. I know for sure I'm not pregnant. I'm never separated from my baby. Weve been 24/7 since she's been born. Thank God! I do have...
  12. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    Okay, ladies I personally don't know what's the deal with my boobs; especially the left one. Milk hardly comes out now when I hand express. I'm not kidding when I say I'm completely panicking. Please...
  13. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    Yes, I have the Mirena IUD. I got it since my 6 week check-up. I honestly don't think its that, since I don't feel it was an issue before. Do you think at after 10 months it could be affecting me now...
  14. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    I really appreciate all the good advise and will keep nursing on demand. We've always nursed frequently, so I guess it's just little phases my body goes through. After about 4 days after this post...
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    Where's my post?

    I don't understand where my post has gone and who moved it? It's the post with the title Anyone & Everyone's help needed!!!
  16. Re: Very worried milk supply decreasing

    I really do appreciate the responses. I know you both are saying it's very normal, but this just happened so unexpectedly. And I honestly know my body and how it was producing and reacting up until...
  17. Very worried milk supply decreasing

    Hello mamas, I'm very concerned about my milk supply. Baby girl is 9 months 2wks. She has always been EBF. She's always gained weight with no problem. However; I've noticed within the last week n...
  18. Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    I will definitely pick up a copy of My Child Won't Eat. She loves her fruits there's no doubt about that. I usually spoon feed her, but I'm thinking I shouldn't because that's another huge way of...
  19. Re: Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    Actually that's one of the first foods I introduced to her. She really loves avocado. I'm glad for that. Avocado is a super food. Anything else she's not to fond of. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  20. Baby girl doesn't want her veggies

    Hello mamas! My darling baby girl is 9 months old is EBF since birth. At 6 months of age I started her on her oatmeal with breast milk. We started some solids 3x day. However; I personally didn't...
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    Re: Mirena IUD and breastfeeding

    Hello mamas. My princesses is 9 months old and doing wonderfully. After giving birth to my angel, I bleed my whole 6 weeks. After having my 6 week check-up about 2 days later it stopped. I scheduled...
  22. 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    Hello ladies. My baby girl has always been EBF baby. She is 8 months 3 weeks old and has always hit her weight gain. My question is simple. As she is getting older And sleeping longer stretches...
  23. Re: EBF 8month, I feel a cold or bad allergies.

    Thanks for the advice ladies. I definitely will look into Kellymoms site. I was unaware about the infantrisk site, now I can reference back for safety. As far as my son, he doesn't have Strep. Just...
  24. EBF 8month, I feel a cold or bad allergies.

    Help, mamas
    My baby girl is 8 months old and EBF, however I feel very congested throat isn't sore but back of mouth seems to be. I honestly believe it's bad allergies. However, I hope it's not a...
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    No poop 4 days!!!!

    My baby girl is 8 months old. She has always been EBF. Her weight gain has always been great. She does eat solids ever other day now. Sometimes it's 1-3 x day. Just depends how I read her that day....
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