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  1. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    I hold the bottle with my thumb and forefinger right at the level where the fat is stuck. That way my body heat warms it slightly. Then I swirl so that the lower milk washes over the fat. I usually...
  2. Re: Can't keep up...and want to get away from pumping.

    Is this true? I am pretty sure that the instructions that came with my pump said to use the highest setting that was comfortable, which for me is just under halfway. If the above is true, that you...
  3. Re: Almost 3 month old - eating enough? pumping output decre

    One possibility is that nursing/pumping only 6 times a day might have been few enough times a day that you ovulated. My DD was doing a long sleep stretch at night, and with pumping rather then...
  4. Re: Going back to work, pumping time questions

    I agree with PP to make sure you are feeding on demand and not by the clock. Also, my kids have never been consistent. Just because they ate at 6 AM and then 9 AM (for example) for a week, didn't...
  5. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Mine is from 2012, and the button lets me switch both ways. I find it quite useful. If I notice my letdown has started, I switch to regular mode early because I think that is more efficient. And then...
  6. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Sorry, duplicate post.
  7. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    You know there is a let-down button on the PISA, right? It is the one button on the front and switches between let-down mode and regular mode. It is still hitting a button every 2 minutes, but better...
  8. Re: Baby Refusing Bottle During Specific Feeding Only

    I have to agree with the PP, if baby doesn't want a bottle, I don't see why it is a problem to wait and try again later. Maybe they are misreading the cues? My DD would start rooting and sucking on...
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    Re: Am I nursing too often?

    Maybe I am off on my terminology. I thought a letdown was just when milk started coming out. And therefore you had to have had a letdown in order to pump 2 oz? But someone else was telling me almost...
  10. Re: 6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!

    Well done! Congratulations on getting this far.
  11. Re: Pumping & Storage technique question?? Help!

    My daycare requires that breastmilk bottles come ready to go. They will not even swap a bottle top for a nipple. And secondly, I wouldn't trust them to know how much to feed my baby. They are so used...
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    Re: Mama losing too much weight?

    I lost a lot of weight when I was BF'ing my first. I was 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week checkup (so lost 35 pounds) and lost another 20 pounds by the time I went back to work....
  13. Re: Am I leaving enough milk for when I'm at work?

    IME, pump output at work is a terrible indication on what my kids eat. I pump 18-20oz. My son used to take 15; my daughter takes 7-10. Both were a 12 hour separation. I have a recent thread about...
  14. Re: Nipple soreness after pumping--please help!

    I went through several sizes of shields when I pumped for my son. I was fitted with Large in the hospital, needed medium by the time I went back to work, and had to switch to small by 9 months. Now...
  15. Re: Short feedings and weight gain questions

    It is early, so maybe I am doing something wrong, but how are you getting 4.8 oz per week? If I use the last 2 data points, I see 14oz in 15 days, which is like 1oz per day without a calculator. If I...
  16. Re: Pump Output Does Not Match Consumption

    Ha ha ha ha...
    I laughed so hard when I read this. You have severely overestimated my culinary skills.

    I haven't made any changes yet. She sees the dr next week, and I want to make sure her...
  17. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. I was terrified of nursing a newborn the 2nd time around because we had so many problems getting my first to latch. No 2 kids are alike and therefore no 2...
  18. Pump Output Does Not Match Consumption

    DD is 3.5 months, and I have been back at work 1.5 weeks. In that time, I have had to freeze about 100 oz because my pump output is so far out of sync with her consumption.

    I pump 3 times a day....
  19. Re: How does DH/MIL replace comfort nursing when I'm at work

    My DH and I had a very similar discussion when DS was about that age. (He is 2 now.) I got really mad at him over it because to me, it sounded like he didn't want me to comfort nurse because he...
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    Re: How to Dreamfeed?

    I guess my concern is that I will be at work before her morning feed (if her sleep pattern holds). And I would rather dream feed than pump, but we shall see what her thoughts on the matter are. I...
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    How to Dreamfeed?

    DD is just shy of 3 months. She usually eats around 7-8 PM, around 12-1, and around 6-7 AM. She doesn't always sleep through those long stretches, but if she wakes up during those times, she usually...
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    Re: when to start pumping?

    I am going back to work soon. I started pumping about 3 weeks before I will go back. I now pump a couple ounces a few times a week. I had about 25 ounces in the freezer when I went back to work after...
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    Re: Outing with breast milk bottle?

    This is basically what we did. Keep the bottle in a cooler until LO is ready for it, and then heat it up. If you are at a restaurant, they will bring you a cup of hot water. Once when traveling, we...
  24. Re: 6 month old will only take bottle from DH

    Have you asked your DH how he gives the bottles? My DH insists on doing it on the same pillows I nurse on. Maybe you can find some detail like that which will help? At 6 months, does she hold her own...
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    Re: going back to work -- worried

    I have been there. My son was the same way as a baby. He is now 2. He never took a pacifier, although DH tried like crazy. I was so worried I sent pacifiers to day care and they tried, but he still...
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