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    Re: Lots of foremilk

    :ita with pp...Aside from how your pumped milk looks, is there any other reason to be in any way concerned about your milk? Very fast weight gain? Severe colic? Gigantic painful spitups and painful...
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    Re: Wobbly teeth

    I agree with both tclynx and mommal. See dentist asap and if they refer you to a periodontist, go. If it IS a periodontal issue, there is lots that can be done but best to attack it asap. Also, if...
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    Re: Drying up

    How do you know milk supply started to drop and keeps dropping?

    How often is baby nursing and how much solids does she eat? Are you pumping for any reason?

    Not sure what you are asking re...
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    Re: Hospital Grade Pump

    Hospital grade pumps are designed for the mother who pumping frequently every day, either because she is pumping full time, pumping for a hospitalized baby or a baby who cannot nurse for some other...
  5. Re: 10 weeks old feeds every hour day and night

    35 times a day? For half an hour to 45 minutes each time? I am not sure that is even possible, mathematically. Are you saying baby is basically never not nursing?

    Nursing that much for FOOD at...
  6. Re: Do I still need to pump at night to protect supply?

    Agree that baby may be getting overfed during the day. On the other hand, it depends how often baby is able to nurse while you are home. If baby is allowed to take a very long sleep stretch (More...
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    Re: Streaks of blood in stool

    I'm sorry, I must have missed that baby was (briefly?) formula fed previously. My post was not directed at that but rather at the suggestion from the doctor that baby might need to stop being...
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    Re: Thoughts on breastfeeding

    Wow, no.

    In my personal experience, a stronger desire for sex tends to return during baby's second year, even though my kids still nursed very often during that time and nursed for several years...
  9. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    Well this sounds like a big improvement to me as far as feeding-by improvement I mean, in the sense that baby is moving toward more nursing and less bottles... Does it feel that way to you?

    It is...
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    Re: Tongue in the way?

    What kind of positioning have you tried? Is baby nursing frequently? Are you leaking or feeling more full than previously? Are you engorged at all, or pumping a lot? Full breasts are sometimes harder...
  11. Re: HELP!!! Is it too late for me to breastfeed???

    Hi. So, the quick answer is no, it is certainly NOT too late to breastfeed. It is also not too late to increase milk production. In fact, milk production normally increases for the first several...
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    Re: 3 mo very gassy at night

    Colic from 12-5, but baby is asleep? I am trying to imagine what is going on and I am not sure what this means. Colic usually means sustained crying.

    How is poop frequency, and what do they look...
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    Re: Thoughts & experiences to share?

    Are you able to see a lactation consultant or other breastfeeding helper?
    Flat nipples need not be a barrier to latching a baby, but very often in the early days especially, latch techniques and...
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    Re: Excessive Throw up at 4 months?

    This is one philosophy of child rearing...make baby 'fit' into the adult world by putting them on a schedule instead of letting them sleep and eat when they normally would. There are other theories,...
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    Re: Three week old, possible oald?

    Try not to be paranoid. I assume your paranoia is that your baby will start refusing to nurse and you have to EP and bottle feed again. This is unlikely! Breastfed babies nurse a lot of the time. In...
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    Re: Streaks of blood in stool...very concerned

    From Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple, lactation textbook, Nancy Mohrbacher, 2010. On bloody stool:

    "If a baby has bloody stools and eliminating dairy from the mother's diet does not resolve...
  17. Re: Storage of milk pumped during mastitis

    No. Not for regular mastitis. If is also perfectly safe to keep nursing baby- did Dr. tell you to stop that as well? I am not sure what the concern about the pumped milk is??? I am not 100% sure...
  18. Re: Newbie: Adoptive mama-to-be wants to BF

    I would also suggest research lactation aids (Medela SNS, LactAid, or homemade.) Many adoptive moms are indeed able to produce milk, but whether they will ever make enough to feed baby entirely or to...
  19. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    Ugh, it is very frustrating to be in between sizes:

    A couple things to think about - You can switch flanges as needed, and/or use a different flange size for each breast if needed. I am wondering...
  20. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    Absolutely. In my experience it was very simple and kind of relaxing in a weird way-, made simpler by the fact I was not worried about saving the milk.
  21. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    Yes I agree suggest dad try pacifier or some other comfort measure if baby is not settling after a normal sized feeding. Nursing is as much about comfort as it is about the milk, but bottles are...
  22. Re: Increased feeding in day linked to reduced night feeds?

    Ok so you may not need to change anything as weight gain is good. But since regular very long stretches of not nursing leads to lower milk production, and swaddling is a technique used to diminish...
  23. Re: Increased feeding in day linked to reduced night feeds?

    Breastfeeding behavior is kind of like the weather in some places-frequently changeable! In other words, I doubt anyone can predict this.

    On the other hand, it stands to reason that if babies...
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    Re: 4 weeks & may have an oversupply?

    I would suggest, stop pumping and bottles for a while until the issues resolve, unless they are needed due to separations. I understand the logic of 'I am pumping while baby gets bottle so it should...
  25. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l


    I think more frequent nursing helps overall with forceful letdown issues, because the less time there is for milk to build up in the breast, the less forcefully it flows out. So if that...
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