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  1. A couple of first time BF questions

    My two week old will only nurse on one side for about fuve minutes and then fall asleep. I am not sure if this is okay. I will start on the oppsite side the next feeding. She will only go about an...
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    spitting up

    My two week old daughter seems to be spitting up after ever feeding. Is this normal or is it something that I am doing wrong? She does not burp after every feeding, we try but she dosen't very...
  3. Re: Is it best not to time how long baby is on the breast?

    I am new at breatfeeeding so right now I am still going off of what the nurses told me when we left the hospital. My 1 wk old is nursing 10 minutes on each side. How do I not time her, if I let her...
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    When to pump????

    I am a second time mom but a first time nurser. I would like to pump for outings and when I may not be home. I have purchased a automatic single pump. I am just not sure when I should pump, before...
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