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  1. Re: BF 13month old - is my supply decreasing?

    So, I did another test today and.... I'm pregnant! Can't quite believe it, had it in my mind that I would need to stop bf to conceive (which I really didn't want to do)

    Hoping I'll be able to...
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    What are your breasts "called"?

    Just curious really, what does your little one say when they want to BF?

    I'm trying to use milk as a reference for my daughter so when she begins talking she won't be shouting BOOB! in public! LOL!
  3. Re: BF 13month old - is my supply decreasing?

    Thank you for your replies.

    My period was due 13days ago & not yet appeared, have done two pregnancy tests, the last one was on saturday but negative result - my periods started again when my...
  4. BF 13month old - is my supply decreasing?



    This is my first visit and first post on here, I'm hoping someone might be able to help/share their own experiences.

    I am BF my 13 month old daughter. She was exclusively BF...
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