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    Getting her to take a bottle?

    Hey, everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips for getting my daughter to take a bottle. She's 8 weeks right now, and while I'm a SAHM who plans to nurse her at the breast as much as...
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    Re: Nursing - too little, too often?

    She's not getting sleepy, just unlatches herself and doesn't want to latch back on. I haven't seen any signs of fore/hindmilk imbalance now that you mention them, and diaper output is still good, so...
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    Nursing - too little, too often?

    Hey, ladies,

    My 4 week old is recently developing a habit (only during the day, thank goodness) where she only nurses a little, but wants to nurse about every 45 minutes. She's been a...
  4. Good place for info for Daddies-to-be?

    Hi, everyone,

    I'm a mommy-to-be (10 weeks left to go!), and we're planning on nursing our baby when he or she arrives, and so I've been spending a lot of time on this site and others looking at...
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