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    How long to BF and how much milk?

    My DS is almost 7 months old and this is his eating schedule:

    3 am - BF
    8 or 9 am - BF
    1 or 2 pm - 8-9 oz of EBM
    6 pm - BF
    9 pm - BF

    I've started him on solid foods and he gets about 4 tbsp...
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    Re: Biting! what to do?

    I tried to tell my LO that biting is bad and it hurt mommy, etc, etc, but all he would do is bite harder, pull the nipple with his teeth, let go and then give me a great big smile. The one thing...
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    Super Baby Food

    Does anyone have this book? My DS is 6-1/2 months old and I was considering trying the Super Porridge but wanted to know if anyone else has tried it yet?
  4. Re: Nursing to Sleep and Less nursing after shots?

    He's not running a fever but it seems like he's trying to make sure I'm still around while he's eating. He just like to look at me and eats a little, looks at me, eats a little. It's cute but it...
  5. Re: Nursing to Sleep and Less nursing after shots?

    Thanks! I was about to turn into crazy mom again and call the pediatrician!
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    Re: Freaking out a little bit

    OK, now I'm freaking out a little bit. I thought that SIDS usually only occurs between birth and 6 months old? My LO turned 6 months a couple of weeks ago and I had a huge sigh of relief and...
  7. Nursing to Sleep and Less nursing after shots?

    My DS is 6 months old now and I'm still nursing him to sleep. Is it OK to keep doing this and for how long? I love nursing him to sleep and would hate to give it up.

    Also, he went to the doctor...
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    Re: Breastea, fenugreek, etc...

    I do the breast compressions and I have the Medela PIS which should be the best one they out there. I'll take more fenugreek and try pumping after nursing to see if that helps. Thanks and I'll keep...
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    Breastea, fenugreek, etc...

    I know there are a lot of threads here regarding dwindling milk supply and I have read a lot of them. My DS goes to the sitter from 10 am - 4 pm where he gets one bottle of EBM (7 ounces). He also...
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    Re: How many feedings??

    He eats OK at night - he doesn't nurse for very long and when I try to wake him up a little bit to finish up he turns his head like he doesn't want anymore.

    My husband does one of the feedings...
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    Re: How many feedings??

    Even when I breastfeed though, he doesn't seem to eat straight through. He sucks and talks to me. I've tried to feed him in a quiet, dark room but it doesn't help. So I've been supplementing with...
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    How many feedings??

    My LO will be 5 months old next week and he still wakes up for two feedings a night. At one point we were down to one but then I introduced solids and he wasn't ready for it (will try again on his 5...
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