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    lazy latcch?

    Abigail is 2 months old now. She was born at 33wks4d (placenta previa threatening). She had no concerns at all, just needed to stay in the NICU until she was feeding on her own and proving she was...
  2. Re: Nursing once a day - do I need to give him Homo milk?

    Thanks for your responses!

    He does have water every day, and a fair amount of yogurt - probably 1/2 -1 cup, and usually cheese too. He also has 1% milk in soups, omelets, etc. He doesn't have...
  3. Nursing once a day - do I need to give him Homo milk?

    My 18 month old is only nursing in the morning now. He voluntarily dropped all the other sessions, one at a time. I'm wondering if I should be giving him some homo milk during the day sometime, or...
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    help! LO won't nurse

    My son is 15 months old. We usually nurse first thing in the morning when he gets up,, around noon, 4:30ish pm, and around 10:00 pm every day. On Saturday he refused to nurse at noon, so I just put...
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    question about gagging

    my lil bean will be 1 year old in 2 weeks! I can hardly believe it's already been a year - just sped by. We're still nursing, and I see no end in sight at the moment, which is great with me. ...
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