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  1. Re: 4mo... dr said to start solids...more for "fun" .

    My dd is 4.5 months and loves to lick apples and canteloupe. It's the cutest thing ever! I probably won't start food till at least 5.5 months. I think I started too early with my son. Anyway, good...
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    Re: Leaving baby overnight

    I think you are fine to go. Don't feel guilty.... your first child needs you too. I would try to leave baby with grandma some before you go. Not necessarily overnight per se but have her come and...
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    Re: Confused about block feeding

    I also have a huge overactive let down and oversupply issue. I block feed. Just some thoughts.

    I would cut out the morning pumps if you can. That is probably a big factor. You already produce more...
  4. Re: Exclusively Pumping and Oversupply. HELP!!!

    ARe you pumping at night? How long have you been trying to reduce supply?
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    Re: in need of support/advice

    You can do it! I would consult a lactation consultant if you can. She can help you. The other thing I would do is to pump to re-establish your supply. Maybe if there is more milk there she will be...
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    Re: Pacifier woes...!

    My son was bottle fed and took a passy. My daughter, now 9 weeks, has been exclusively breastfed until recently and has never taken a passy. My husband really tried to push it because I think he...
  7. Re: 10 weeks and breast feeding every 45min. to an hour

    All this sounds so familiar as I am going through similar things with my DD. She is 9 weeks old and has been sleeping from 10P-4P. And has been eating up a storm during the day. I thought it was a...
  8. Re: Daughter won't eat more that 5 minutes???

    My daughter also fed for very short periods in the beginning. I just think they don't need that much and as long as she's having enough wet diapers she should be fine.

    As other posters said, my...
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    Re: Pumping with flat nipples?

    I also have flat nipples and produced a LOT of milk when I Epumped with my first. Everything the PP said is true. You need to pump more! I know it seems to be taking away time from your family but...
  10. Re: Q's about my brest friend pillow for those who have used one

    I like My Breast Friend. I have both the versions. Both have a clasp. One has velcro and one has a different mechanism for adjustability. I like them both. Good luck!
  11. Re: I feel like a failure after my first day

    Try to pump more. I know it's hard to squeeze it in but it will help and eventually you will make more milk. Think of what your baby does when he/she wants to eat more... during growth spurts. They...
  12. Re: Will I ever leave the house again!!!

    So this may be a little of topic. I would LOVE to use a sling and be able to nurse in public with it. BUT I have OALD and go through two burp cloths every feeding because my daughter will pull off...
  13. Re: Temporary (2 week) session drop?

    This sounds like a good idea. You migth want to consider trying to sneak in the extra two pumps a couple of days before you leave. This way your body will already be making the extra milk by the time...
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    Re: Help choosing a breast pump

    I also have a Medela Pump In Style. LOVE IT! Good luck to you and congrats!
  15. Re: Ready to Exclusively pump and kick the supplemental formula

    Good Luck! And let us know how it goes.
  16. Re: Ready to Exclusively pump and kick the supplemental formula

    The comments thus far are great ones! I exclusively pumped for my son for a year. I used the Medella Pump in Style with no problems. But everyone is different. Here are some additional suggestions.
  17. Re: Please help! How to deal with bottle feeding during the day?

    Thanks for this link! We've started bottle this last week and it's nice to have a list of things to tell my husband and our daycare when once she starts.
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    Re: I feel like giving up

    I'm no expert... so take this with a grain of salt and do your research. You said you know that cows milk is not recommended. It really would be best if you supplement with formula if you must. Cows...
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    Re: Over producing?

    I have an overproducing problem as well as a OALD (overactive letdown) which means that during let down the milk comes out really fast and strong. My DD had a real hard time with it. From suggestions...
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    Re: Starting Bottles

    Have you tried a different bottle? Which brand are you using?

    Good luck! I'm sure LO will come around. My daughter is taking a bottle now. She's still not that happy about it but grudgingly takes...
  21. Re: Pediatrician doesn't support nursing a toddler

    Hopefully you've found a better pediatrician. They are out there! My office is great! All of the doctors, 3 men, have wives who breastfed their children. And while I REALLY wish they had a Lactation...
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    Re: Baby pulls away

    Sorry your having trouble... the first weeks are so hard. But you're doing a great job. A couple of questions...

    When she pulls off is there a lot of milk coming out? Your flow might be too fast....
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    Re: Considering Pump Weaning...

    So glad you're sticking with it a little bit longer! Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!!! And you've done a great job so far. Let us know how it goes.
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    Re: Considering Pump Weaning...

    Dear wishing08,
    You are doing a great job! I exclusively pumped for a little over a year. My son had a tongue tie and was unable to BF. But it was really important to me that he get breast milk....
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    Re: I feel terrible

    So sorry you're feeling so badly about starting back to work. I had a hard time as well and know how you feel. You should make sure you feel comfortable with your choice in daycares. You CAN find the...
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