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    Re: I'm LOSING it!

    Your husband needs to stop being selfish and consider what's best for his son.

    When both our kids were babies, it was daddy's job to bathe them. We'd have a lovely ritual where he'd come home from...
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    Re: Fast eater? Oversupply?

    It's totally possible she's done after 10 minutes of feeding. If you offer and she's not hungry, that's OK. If it makes you feel any better, my DS was a fast eater too - 5 minutes and he was done. I...
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    Re: What do i tell people?

    My mom weaned us around 6 months because she didn't feel it was a good idea to nurse when they had teeth. Probably her doctor told her this too. When my DS turned 1 year old, my mom asked if I was...
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    Re: A Thank You!

    Our pleasure. :D You are really working hard on this nursing thing. :cheer
  5. Re: how to keep lazy nurser awake or stimulate better nursin

    Don't worry about his top lip. Only the bottom one matters.

    I'm wondering if the reason he's at the breast for such long periods is the latch? A good deep latch will help him remove milk more...
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    Re: Demand nursing schedule ok now?

    Your milk is not going to dry up overnight. A 4.5 hour stretch at night won't make a difference to your supply. Even if you supply decreased, all you would need to do is nurse more and it would go...
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    Re: Slow weight gain..3wk old

    Do you have other children and, if so, were they small babies? Did you have an IV during labor? The other thing I can think of is the scales they weighed your baby on were off. It's important to...
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    Re: Demand nursing schedule ok now?

    An IV can cause a baby to be born with extra water weight. Sounds like his weight gain is right on track and you are off to a good start.

    As long as he's nursing well and you're getting the right...
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    Re: Breasts engorged?

    Offer the breast lots. No need to wait for your baby to ask. How is your baby's diaper count? And how is the nursing going?

    Kellymom has some good info engorgement.
  10. Re: bad latch and LAZY BABY!! HELLP GOING TO QUIT!!! :'-((

    Sounds like you've had a really frustrating day. I've seen your other posts and you've really struggled with this.

    Take a deep breath. Try not to blame your baby. You are both doing the best you...
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    Re: Yeah! DD2 is a nurser!

    Re the frequency, I think the recommendation is 8-12 feedings /day. Sounds like you're right on track.
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    Re: Yeah! DD2 is a nurser!

    That's wonderful news! So great to hear success stories. Good job, mom! :clap
  13. Re: Back at work, twins will only take bottle

    You've got an awesome milk supply built up-be proud of that and all your hard work!

    You can try the baby-led mother-guided latch. Babies are born with the instinct to seek the breast on their own...
  14. Re: 4 1/2 month old fussiness while nursing

    Have you changed anything in your diet? Started a new medication?
  15. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    This sounds like either a manipulative lie or downright stupidity. I really can't imagine the USDA would require them to feed your LO rice cereal. Gag.
  16. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    We bought rice cereal but our babies didn't like it. It's processed crap, I believe with the main goal of rice cereal is to make the companies lots of money.

    Re the daycare. Keep repeating to...
  17. Re: 15month getting frustrated low milk and slow to come

    If she's not nursing and you aren't pumping, your milk will dry up and she will be more likely to not want it. Any way you can hand express? As per the pumping angle, you can get smaller horns. Herbs...
  18. Re: How do you maintain supply as baby gets older?

    As long as she's gaining weight fine and your breasts are not uncomfortable, I wouldn't worry about it. I am perplexed though that she would sleep that long without being trained! I remember DS...
  19. Re: Should I stop BFing at 9 months to be able to gain sanit

    Being a mom can be tough! I had a really rough time with my 1st. I had alot of anxiety too. I believe it was post partum depression, although I did not want to seek help. Worried about everything,...
  20. Re: Still hungry after nursing, big babies

    You're smarter than your speech therapist. I agree, sounds like you need someone else to take a look inside your baby's mouth. Your local LLL leader should be able to find you a recommended IBCLC.
  21. Re: 15month getting frustrated low milk and slow to come

    Yes, if you're sick, it can certainly cause a tempoary decrease in supply. 15 month olds are very busy. What you can do is offer the breast lots. Don't feel you always have to wait for her to ask.
  22. Re: How do you maintain supply as baby gets older?

    I think I remember reading this...

    There's no way I could maintain a supply with a 8-12 hour stretch at night. Ouch! :yikes

    It's not natural for babies to be sleeping this long unattended....
  23. Re: Trouble producing milk beyond 8 months...

    What a real head-scratcher. :confused: Did anything in your life change? Started a new birth control, started eating different foods? Baby sleeping through the night? Any infections? How often are...
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    Re: Supply all over the place !

    Try offering the breast more during the morning and afternoon, every hour if he's awake (unless it's time to pump of course!) Your supply will increase again soon. No need to quit.

    Herbs can help...
  25. Re: Building a stash QUICKLY & baby dropping the nipple

    Some babies will get fussy like this at the breast if they also receive bottles. They may prefer the fast flow from the bottle so may fuss at the breast especially if they are particularly hungry.
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