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    Re: A unique bf situation

    This may not be something you are troubled by, but for me, having had double mastectomies, if I were producing milk I would go back to my surgeon for removal of the remaining breast tissue, as it...
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    Re: When Did Your Child Self Wean?

    Hi there!!! :D
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    Re: When Did Your Child Self Wean?

    21 months.
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    Re: 21 month old quit nursing

    My son did the same thing, at the same age. He was ready to be done (I wasn't!), so I didn't push it, but I was so sad about it. I don't have any insight to share, but I remember how hard it was to...
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    Re: pacifiers=no feeding cues?

    I heard a lot of horror stories too, and I can only give my experience, but my son was given a pacifier in the hospital, and loved it. He did not want to give it up, and we weren't sure how or...
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    Re: Employer helping, but not enough

    If you know of a room that would be a good pumping room, I'd definitely see if it could be used, and definitely would do the "Private Conference" sign. At the university where I work, part-time...
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    Re: Emergency infant feeding

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    Re: Almost to the 2 year mark... :)

    Congratulations on two years of nursing! What a sweet milestone!
  9. Re: Leaving 10 mth old for three days, twice - milk?

    When my son bit while nursing, I unlatched him for a second. He made the connection between biting and no nursing pretty quickly. :p
  10. Re: Diminishing Pumping Output - 9 month old

    I ran into the same thing initially around 3 months, when my period returned, and used fenugreek after that during periods, which helped some, but around 9 months I hit the pumping wall. I changed...
  11. Re: Do I purchase a breast pump if I'm planning to breast fe

    If you will have access to a pump, and aren't going back to work soon, you'll likely be fine without a pump. I knew I would be going back to work, but didn't plan to start pumping immediately, until...
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    Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    My son loved his pacifier, and breastfed well. We didn't intend for him to have a pacifier in the hospital, but he was given one, and because he was in special care before being discharged, he was...
  13. Re: PLEASE READ! Miscarriage, D&C today and BFing

    I am so sorry. I'm guessing you can nurse following the D&C (I've nursed following surgery with general anesthesia), but you may want to ask what medications will be used so you can double-check.
  14. Re: Cipro for UTI and breast feeding?

    I am going totally from memory, so definitely take this for what it's worth, but I remember not being able to take Cipro while I was nursing. You might try infantrisk.com to find out for sure...
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    Re: how to handle critisizm after yr

    I think still.here is exactly right; there's a ton of information available if it's worth the time it takes to find it and share it. For me, the idea of someone telling me what my baby will or won't...
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    Re: STTN and Formula fed vs BF babies

    I actually think there is something to be said for waiting a bit to see if they settle. With Thomas we would wait to see if he was essentially talking in his sleep, and not really awake/hungry/etc,...
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    Re: Breastfeeding at work

    Other people may have different suggestions, but personally I would not explain; you're not doing anything wrong, and I'm assuming your supervisor is ok with how you're managing your time. If your...
  18. Re: Nearly Continuous Feeding of 1 week old

    It sounds like he is doing just fine. :) Realistically, you can expect it to be this way for several more weeks, so reload your snacks and have a few extra books on hand, and enjoy!
  19. Re: 4 1/2 month old not gaining weight. Ped concerned!!

    I would strongly advise against exclusively pumping--it won't give you an accurate measure of what your baby is getting when he nurses, and your baby will do a much better job of boosting/maintaining...
  20. Re: Is it safe to warm breast milk in a warmer??

    We used one too--I may be wrong! I know no microwaving, but now I think I may be off about the warmer.
  21. Re: Is it safe to warm breast milk in a warmer??

    It's been a long time, but I think you're right.
  22. Re: In-laws trying to give junk food to baby rant

    I agree that it's great if your husband is willing to talk to them, but if he isn't, or it's going to cause undue tension between the two of you, I'd just tell them myself (not without letting him...
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    Re: 3 days old afraid he's starving

    I think that's right--I meant to look at kellymom and post the recommended number and forgot. :o

    ETA: I couldn't find it on the kellymom site, but found this from that site, quoted somewhere else:...
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    Re: 3 days old afraid he's starving

    You can also count wet and dirty diapers to reassure yourself that he's getting enough. If it's coming out, it's going in. :)
  25. Re: Thinking about weaning, but not very happy about it

    Did I misread, or did you mean 4 16 oz bottles? (I'm guessing you meant 4 4oz bottles?)
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