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  1. Re: pumping for a week while away and then ?

    We just did our first weekend away right before our twins turned one year. Like you, we needed some us time. One daughter did fine with EBM and a sippy and didn't mind my being gone at all. My other...
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    Re: When is it OK to pump wean?

    Thanks for everyone's input. That does help a lot. And yes, my comment about the bedrest was a joke. :ita

    I'll be honest, it was never, never my intent to night wean the girls, but when they were...
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    Re: When is it OK to pump wean?

    That's about what I'm doing, I'm just wondering if I will still be able to nurse them normally - four times a day on the weekend.

    Until the girls were 10.5 months old I fed them around 10 p.m....
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    When is it OK to pump wean?

    I am a working mom of one-year-old twins. They have been completely nursed for the last year, with me pumping 2-3 times a day while I am at work. My daughters definitely aren't ready to wean, but I'm...
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    Problems with Let down

    I have been nursing/pumping my 10-month-old twins since I went back to work when my girls were three months. I haven't changed our routine at all, but the last couple of days I've had a really hard...
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    Level 2 nipples?

    My twin daughters are 8 months old and have never been good at taking bottles. Since we started some solids around 6 months it has gotten worse and they are only taking about 7 ounces of milk all day...
  7. Re: Frequency vs Duration? And hospital pump recs?

    I try to relax and look at pics of the babies, but truthfully, I could probably work harder at relaxing.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I've just brought the Symphony to work today to compare and...
  8. Re: Frequency vs Duration? And hospital pump recs?

    I pump at night when my girls sleep for a long stretch, and when I wake up full if I can get to a pump before they wake me up. If i'm about to feed them, I don't do a full pumping, but pump off about...
  9. Re: Frequency vs Duration? And hospital pump recs?

    I've been back at work three weeks. And there's no way I could bring my girls up here, as much as I would like to. I'm at a semiconductor plant, so there are OSHA rules, etc.

    I have talked with a...
  10. Frequency vs Duration? And hospital pump recs?

    I am pumping for twins at work and by the end of the day I am uncomfortably full. I just can't get enough milk out. Right now I pump every three hours for 30 minutes and I'm wondering if it might be...
  11. Production issue or growing babies??


    I have three month old twins and went back to work two weeks ago. The last couple of nights they have done marathon nursing for 2-2.5 hours before they will finally go to sleep. I'm...
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    Re: Mother's Diet while breastfeeding

    My girls started getting really gassy and fussy around 4 weeks and it was a dairy issue. Actually, it is also a reflux issue, but cutting out dairy has been a huge improvement. My LC said any gas...
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    Gourmet Babies

    Hello~ I have 10-week old twins (8-weeks old age adjusted), who are doing well nursing, but they are gourmet babies who like to nurse for at least a solid hour before they stop for a couple of hours...
  14. Re: Missing a feeding and making it up?

    OK. Thanks for the input. I'm still pretty new at this and worked really hard to build up my supply for two, so I'm paranoid about losing it.
  15. Missing a feeding and making it up?

    I'm just starting to get out occassionally and tonight I gave my 7-week-old twin girls EBM bottles while we were out. I was planning to pump as soon as I got home to make up for the missed feeding,...
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    Sports bras, exercise and supply

    I've heard that the compression from sports bras can inhibit supply, but I'm eager to get started exercising again (5 weeks post-partum tomorrow!). Will wearing a sports bra for an hour or so a day...
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