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    Re: Breastfeeding Problems

    Some helpful advice I received was to not go more than 8 hours (at night) without pumping or feeding or I may risk compromising my supply. My LO. sleeps from 7:30p to 6:30p so I pump around 11pm...
  2. Stool patterns drastically changed, breastfed 7m

    I have a 7 month old, exclusively breast fed.

    A few weeks ago, my LO had a cold and cough. We let the cold run its course while comforting her with an aspirator and humidifier. Once the runny...
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    Re: Fast eater? Oversupply?

    Thank you monika.h for your reply! About how old was your LO when he was eating that fast? I have had friends tell me their babies ate much faster around 4m but had not heard of anyone that truly...
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    Fast eater? Oversupply?

    First time posting!

    My DD will be 8 weeks in two days. At birth and for several weeks, she nursed for what seemed like forever...at least an hour. So long, that I worried she was not getting...
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