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  1. Re: weight gain concern - need help please!!!

    thnx for the feedback. even before i give her formula, i would nurse her first atleast an hour switching breasts in between, i don't givve up that easily, i would not give her formula if it wasn't...
  2. weight gain concern - need help please!!!

    My LO was born 7lbs 40z, 1st wk visit she weighed 6lbs 7oz, at this point she was bf and at night after i fed her and she wanted more she got an oz or so of formula. 2wk appt she weighed 6lbs 4oz, i...
  3. No milk yet and super hungry baby help!!!!

    My baby is 4 days old and my milk is not in yet. So far she was happy with colostrom, but the last she has been very hungry and even hour or so of nursing also doesn't help her. So I hadd to...
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