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    Re: I am going insane -- is my LC crazy?

    Where are you from? I am from Connecticut and here there is an excellent pediatric practse that is focuessed exclusively on breastfeeding issues. The doctors and LCs i. The practise are wonderful. I...
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    Lost my let down reflex

    Sorry for posting so many threads. A few days ago I posted one about diminishing milk supply, now i just figured out that it is not necessarily my milk supply that is dominishing, but I seem to have...
  3. Re: HElP!!!!! - My son will not nurse (3 months)

    But did you try before? Putting him on? How did he behave when you tried before this breaking point? Do you know why he rejected it earlier? I would so like to knoe why my son ended up not nursing,...
  4. Re: HElP!!!!! - My son will not nurse (3 months)

    Mommal, for now the breastfeeding pediatrician that I work with thinks that although he caught up to his original growth curve, he may be trying to get higher up - he was born on the 25th percentile...
  5. Re: Siminishing supply with exclusive pumpimg

    No, he is not nursing. No physical reason, he just could not figure it out, at week 2 was 11 ounces below his birth weight and since then has been bottlefed. Pumping for him, really hard. I wish he...
  6. Siminishing supply with exclusive pumpimg

    I need urgent help. I have been exclusively pumojng since my baby was 2 weeks old, he just turned 3 months today. He just ciuld not figure out nursing, we went from one LC to anither, he ended up...
  7. Re: HElP!!!!! - My son will not nurse (3 months)

    Thank you all, for your responses.

    I am using the medela symphony, hospital grade, rental. Have tried all shield sizes from M up, still not quite sure which one works best, seems to depend on the...
  8. Re: HElP!!!!! - My son will not nurse (3 months)

    Thank you for your response.

    I understand the idea of nipple confusion... But what bothers me is that this is our third of fourth attempt at getting to the breast - not really back, since he was...
  9. HElP!!!!! - My son will not nurse (3 months)

    I have an akmost 3-month old baby boy who would not nurse. He stared with a bad latch at the hospital which supposedly was corrected. Yet, by 2 weeks of age he was still 9 ounces below his birth...
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