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    Re: Did any of you have to convince your dh...

    My OH was really supportive of bfing when DD was tiny (good job, as we had a very tough time and I'm not sure I would have carried on without his support and encouragement) but was very unsure as she...
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    Re: DD's teeth are hurting me!!!

    It's the top teeth that caused the problems for me, and I got a few tips that really helped: firstly, make sure your DD's bottom is pulled in close to your body while she nurses, that will take the...
  3. Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    That sounds really familiar - I quit pumping when my DD was about 13 months. She was fine without milk when I wasn't around, but continued to nurse pretty much on demand when we were together. I...
  4. Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    Well, maybe puberty :p Seriously, when DD was born I planned on doing somewhere between 6 months and a year. The first couple of months were a massive struggle and I didn't really feel I was...
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