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    Re: Nervous about starting solids

    I'd wait till your baby is showing all the signs, which may be at 6 mo, may be later. I like to start w/ something like banana. You can take a banana, mush up a bit on your finger and give him a...
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    Re: Is he ready for solids?

    LLL says that babies are ready at "about the middle of the first year." So you want to look for signs of readiness as a pp mentioned. The AAP recently revised their position on the issue to say...
  3. Re: Your thoughts on giving EBM before bed

    You know I was thinking about this more and thought you may be interested in this article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091001091757.htm

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    Re: domperidone during pregnancy?

    Wow, that is surprising! There's not a whole lot you can do to increase milk supply during pregnancy if it goes down. Most of the galactogogues are not safe while pg anyway. Prolactin levels are...
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    Re: lactation cookies?

    It's the brewer's yeast and oatmeal which are supposed to help w/ milk supply :) A lot of mothers say those 2 things help w/ supply. However, if you are having supply issues, I wouldn't rely soley...
  6. Re: incorrect tongue position- any ideas??

    The tongue positioning could be her way of trying to regulate the milk flow if you have an overactive milk ejection reflex. Have you done anything to help w/ that? You can hand express a little or...
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    Re: Please Help Me!

    You don't have to pump and dump if you drink... alcohol metabolizes out of your milk just as it metabolizes out of your body. Your breasts don't store up the alcohol milk ;) So if you have a drink...
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    Re: Burning sensation in breasts

    There is a wide range of "normal!" Are you experiencing any pain while nursing? If you are not in pain while nursing and you don't have any predisposing factors to yeast (antibiotics, recurrent...
  9. Re: Your thoughts on giving EBM before bed

    If you are supplementing at that time, your body is getting the signal to stop making so much milk then. Evenings are often a fussy time for a lot of babies, so what you are experiencing is totally...
  10. Re: Looking for advice and encouragement for a friend...

    Why is she pumping so much? If she stopped pumping, her body would be able to regulate her supply so much better. She can gradually wean off the pump (and she should if she is making so much...
  11. Re: If it's not one thing, it's another...

    :hug: Fussy babies are so difficult! It's so hard to enjoy your baby when you are so frustrated and sad :( I'm sure you've spent just as much time crying as he has.

    Dr Sears has a great...
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    Re: Human Pacifier

    You can find the book anywhere... if you have a local LLL Group, that is one that is usually in the library. ;) The author is Elizabeth Pantley.

    I also want to say that your little guy isn't...
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    Re: Human Pacifier

    Do you have help at night from your spouse or partner? That can really help a lot. I'd suggest "The No Cry Sleep Solution" also. A lot of mothers find it helps.

    Has he been doing this long? ...
  14. Re: Help! is this a good pump?! LDE

    I was going to suggest hand expression too :) There are some great resources online (including videos... lmk if you'd like links). Some mothers can hand express better than when they use a pump!
  15. Re: Worried about unweaning when new baby arrives?

    My oldest self weaned during my subsequent pregnancy just about a month before the new baby was born. He had no interest in nursing after that! So your experience may be similar, but it's really...
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    Re: is formula better after 9m?

    If you're just going out to eat or somewhere for a couple hours, I think you would be fine to nurse her before you go and leave water and snacks (whatever solids she's eating... maybe a little extra...
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