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  1. Re: I think I'm producing super-duper power milk!

    As my mom has told me, you must be squirting out pure cream! My ped. told me that lots of babies seem big during the first 6 months (my little guy's and in the 90th percentile...whatever that...
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    Re: Intense pain in one breast

    If you aren't opposed to taking medication, ibuprofen is safe and will help with swelling and pain. When I had a blocked duct, I found if I could maneuver around and massage the sore spot while baby...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep

    Thank you all for the reassurance. I've checked out the links from Dr. Sears and it's good to see that at least one expert sees the value in letting a baby fall asleep in your arms or at the breast. ...
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    Re: a few quick questions

    It takes a couple of weeks for your nipples to get used to nursing. I had the same experience of my nipples hurting for the first minute or two when I first started BFing. If they're scabbing over,...
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    Nursing to sleep

    I've been nursing and rocking my 4 month old to sleep. He will go back to sleep on his own if wakes at night, but I'm worried I'm getting him into a bad habit. Will nursing him to sleep cause sleep...
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