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    Want to Donate

    I am in the process of weaning my 1 year old and I want to know if there are places that I could donate the following to:

    - I have two breast pumps from Medela

    - About 100 ounces of breast milk...
  2. 6 month old refusing the bottle after vaccinations

    My little boy turned 6 months old on Tuesday and had his vaccines the same day. He had 4 shots in total, and the intensity of the pain caused him to have what is called a "breath holding spell". In...
  3. Re: Can I freeze milk from the fridge within 24 - 48 hours

    thanks so much!:)
  4. Can I freeze milk from the fridge within 24 - 48 hours

    My 19 week old baby has come down with a bad cough, cold and fever and is unwilling to take the milk I had pumped and kept for my nanny in the bottle. As I will be EBF for the next few days, I am...
  5. 4 month old - rice cereal, how much milk in bottle etc.

    I took my son for his 4 month check up today and he has gained 20 ounces (went from 10.15, to 12.3) in the past month. My kids tend to be lean and tall, so while on the lower end of the scale I was...
  6. Re: 11 week old cluster feeding + swaddling challenges

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I have started having the baby sleep next to me and things are MUCH better :ita
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    Need to introduce bottle to baby

    I have been exclusively breast feeding my soon to be 3 month old. Given that I would be going back to work, we tried the Dr. Brown's bottle for a feed a couple of times a week (both husband and...
  8. Re: 11 week old cluster feeding + swaddling challenges

    thank you for all the suggestions on the sling, swing and suit.

    In response to LLLMeg's questions: With regards to his schedule, he feeds roughly every 3 - 4 hours. I nurse him frequently in the...
  9. 11 week old cluster feeding + swaddling challenges

    My 11 week old boy cluster feeds from 5 to 10 each evening. It involves me feeding him, him falling asleep on the breast, I burp him, swaddle him and he is awake again. Is there a different routine I...
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