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  1. Re: Low milk supply after anitbiotics

    Thank you for all the help. I just have a few more questions. So if I don't get any more milk from pumping, should I split the 6 oz I do get between two bottles or let her have all 6 oz at once...
  2. Re: Low milk supply after anitbiotics

    The pump I use is a Hygeia pump. It feels like there is a lot of suction. I mean I only say I have plenty of milk when baby nurses because she doesn't seem to complain so I can only assume I have...
  3. Low milk supply after anitbiotics

    My baby is 10 months and is EBF. I pump twice while I am at work and use to get 5 oz each pimp session. The last week I have been on antibiotics for 10 days. I am no longer on the antibiotics and...
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    Re: 2 week old Breastfeeding

    Its tough so far. My baby sometimes wants to nurse for hours on end. She doesn't seem to have a full button. Her Dr says that's a long time for her to nurse that its tiring for her and my self. ...
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    2 week old Breastfeeding

    Last night my 11 day old daughter really didn't sleep she just laid in bed with sucking on the beast. I know she must be exhausted. We got up around 7 and she stayed on the breast until 9. She was...
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