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    Re: Wean overweight toddler?

    I'm interested in this thread. I also don't have a toddler but I would say increase her activity would be a good start. I cannot imagine breastfeeding could cause a toddler to be overweight. Stick to...
  2. Temas: Help

    by @llli*sherice

    Re: Help

    Rest assured, I'm sure she is getting milk. Like the ladies will follow saying its all supply and demand. The more milk is removed the more milk you will make. So making sure to nurse frequently and...
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    Today is a good day!

    Today is a good day! First time in a long time I was able to log in! Frustrating but I'm okay.

    I am about to hit the 8 months nursing mark and I am so proud of myself! My cousin had a baby girl...
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    Re: Milk supply is decreasing, help!

    First welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place!!

    Second, breath and relax, when you are tense your LO is going to pick up on that. iME every time I bring my personal issues to our...
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    Re: What do you call it?

    LO is 6 months and 3 weeks old but we started calling it nummies and mamas milk. My mom has called it mamas milk since day 1, she loves it. My husband feels lost, he calls it boobie, which I'm not so...
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    Re: Any good links.

    Thank you Mommal! Her snoring isn't all the time, the occasional nap in the car, and last night was bad. I'm guessing its a congestion thing. I usually sleep with a humidifier but forgot last night,...
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    I am with a few women on here, not nursing a toddler yet but I do have a 6 month old sleeping next to me, and I have almost awoken her twice from laughing! This has been on my mind a lot lately and...
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    Any good links.

    I need some help explaining to my mom why I am choosing to do baby led solids. LO is 6 months old officially today! 183 days old <3 we've been playing with food for about 2 weeks though. Nothing...
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    Re: a happy post (and thanks!)

    I love it Mama!! I am right there with you! I love to hear these stories, they make me so happy!
  10. Re: Am I doing something wrong?? 2 week old only happy at br

    I think this is a great post full of amazing information. One of women's biggest problems, is we invent problems. I know I did. I had to relax and feel blessed that our nursing relationship was going...
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    Re: Tired of breastfeeding/husband issues

    Hi Mama, I'm sorry too, that your having a hard time. I think knowing we've done anything like this for 6 months can be daunting. Especially if you had hard times. But I try to think of it like this,...
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    Re: Stressed!

    Hi Mama, welcome! First off, take a breath and relax. You've found friends and help! I may not have all the answers but someone wil follow with stellar advice I'm sure!

    First off, YES! If you go...
  13. Re: I have decided!!!!! And thank y'all!

  14. Re: Need some help...Don't think milk has "come in" after a

    I agree with PP but also want to add a few things if that's okay. I called it a nursing vacation. I collected collected chargers for my wireless devices. Tissues, snacks, magazines, books etc....
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    Re: I may slowly be going crazy

    So we've used the tablets for three nights now. Tonight being our third night, I have given her two each time. Sound sleep! Has only woken maybe twice each night to nurse instead of every hour. I'm...
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    Re: I may slowly be going crazy

    I thank you ladies so much! I think we are definitely in the teething phase! I bought some hylands teething tablets because every times give her pain reliever in a syringe (little fevers) it's a pain...
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    I may slowly be going crazy

    I'm not sure where to start. This is more of a rant.

    DD had her last set of shots (DH insisted we break them up, 2 last week, 2this week) on Tuesday. Did great! Barely tears! Then late that night...
  18. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    I did not want to do rice cereal so we didn't. My LO is 6 months this Saturday and up until yesterday exclusively BF. Hubby was eating a banana and LO would not stop! I mean she kept on reaching and...
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    Re: A (happy) update

    Way to stick with it mama!! I'm jumping with joy for you! It's great to read happy stories like this one every now and then. Great job!,
  20. Re: Breastfeeding, the glow is wearing off.

    I don't mean to hi jack, but I feel the same way. Going through the same feelings right now.
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    Re: Core needle biopsy and breastfeeding

    First of all, sorry you have to go through that, and sorry you have to do it right now. While I have no personal experience to lend you, I would suggest to pump on that side as though it were your...
  22. Re: still in search of the perfect bottle...

    I like Tommee Tippee bottles. We only own one bottle, and that's the one, we love it!
  23. Re: Returning to work.. how much milk do I need?

    Babies will drink whatever you give them from a bottle. A bottle is easy, no work. My mom watched LO for 4 hours once and gave her 13 oz of milk. I almost died! i brought milk over for her freezer to...
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    Re: starting solids/cereal

    My DD is 21 weeks on Saturday and so far we've wrestled with what to do. She has gnawed on a carrot, bit a grape but didn't break the skin, it was cold as well as the carrot, because she's teething....
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    She took a bottle

    I feel like I'm on cloud 9 :-)

    After weeks of striking, LO finally took a bottle! Se fed herself too! I got a text picture while at work today and there she was all snug holding her own bottle! I...
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