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  1. Re: The most beautiful comment on nursing

    That's so great! I'm sure my family would have a heart attack if anyone nursed in church and they noticed! So that is a nice comment no matter what, plus in church is extremely helpful and...
  2. Re: Thinking of pumping to replace breastfeeds

    Just wanted to chime in since it wasn't mentioned -- as a full-time working mom, I have to say pumping gets old really fast! If you think nursing is taking up time, I found that my LO nursed more...
  3. Re: Bottle brands known to support breast feeding?

    I don't know what's "best," but we pretty much tried and stuck with the First Years Breastflow bottles. My LO was pretty happy to switch back-and-forth from bottles to breast, though, so we may have...
  4. Re: IUGR baby not gaining - Doc says wean him

    Also, not sure what your LO is eating, but if it includes any purees you can mix breastmilk in to help increase the calories.
  5. Re: Drastic drop in supply for no apparent reason!!!

    I think they just stretch a bit over time. I tried to keep a stash in my bag and would change them fairly regularly -- once every month or so. I don't think they have to be torn to lose a little...
  6. Re: Drastic drop in supply for no apparent reason!!!

    Have you changed out the valves on your pump recently (those little white rubbery things that attach to the bottom)? I know I had to change mine a lot on the APY. I didn't have any problems with my...
  7. Re: Need your input for designing a lactation room

    I second the locker or storage space if it's possible (like lockers or drawers). I was the only one pumping at my work at the time, so I could leave all my stuff in the room. It was great to not...
  8. Re: Will sleep when ready...is that true?

    My doctor said a similar thing and I pretty much ignored him. If doctors get all offended about people trying to second-guess them then maybe they should learn more about things before saying them! ...
  9. Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    Our pediatrician gives terrible parenting advice, as well -- but we've stuck with them because they are 5 minutes from our house, and have late and Saturday hours. They also make my LO feel very...
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    Re: Path forward, daytime milk?

    I kept pumping after a year -- 2x a day for a while, then down to one. I think when she was around 20 months I completely stopped -- I was getting almost nothing at that point, maybe 1-1.5 oz...
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    Re: vitamin question

    I think you'd have to decide based on your diet. Do you think you adequately cover most vitamins on a good day or week? I started forgetting to take mine a few months or so after my daughter was...
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    Re: Washable nursing/breast pads

    I found that some of the reusable pads (and I have about 5 different kinds) were more visible through my shirt and bra than disposables. So depending on what I was wearing, I'd prefer the...
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    Re: Pacifiers and BFing Newborns

    We used a pacifier starting at the hospital, just because I was overwhelmed and confused, and when the poor thing had to go under the lights for jaundice I wanted her to have something since I...
  14. Re: nightweaning, toddler nursing, and other things

    I kind of did sort of the opposite of the Jay Gordon method -- which is I set some limits like "unless there's really a problem (illness, bad day) I am not nursing before 10:30 p.m. or after 5:00...
  15. Re: almost 12mo, LATE bedtime, nursing and sleeping concerns

    I agree with nathansmum -- I noticed my LO needed a good 6-hour or more stretch before bed after her last nap (except for rare occasions where she napped badly and I had to let her take an evening...
  16. Re: almost 12mo, LATE bedtime, nursing and sleeping concerns

    Is your LO still taking two naps? That seems like such a late bedtime. My LO did have bad stretches, though, where she couldn't fall asleep until late. It was probably around a year. But they...
  17. Think my LO is almost done nursing

    So lately my LO seems to have little to no interest in nursing. This may be due to milk changes during pregnancy, but she's acting just like she has better things to do! She didn't nurse at all...
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    Re: Zombie mommy

    I agree with all the PPs. Just wanted to say, also, that according to Dr. Sears (and my observations with friends who made such claims) a lot of those parents who have practiced sleep training just...
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    Re: Exercising and supply

    Also, try to make sure you nurse/pump as close to the time you're running as possible. I got a clogged duct once from exercise, and I became obsessive about trying to be as empty as possible -- at...
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    Re: I Just Need A Little Support

    Another thing that helped me, and just came to me on my own (although apparently some of the coaching methods say the same thing) was that I never really thought of it as "painful." Just something...
  21. Re: Purely Yours diaphragm troubleshooting

    Uh -- mine did that sometimes (not all the time) and I could never entirely figure out why. I borrowed a friend's, and hers did that all the time. I didn't use hers more than once or twice. ...
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    Re: Breastmilk Preference

    Have you tried mixing your EBM in any foods that your LO eats (like with some mashed banana)? I know lots of people on here are strictly BLS, but it might be a halfway solution that your LO will...
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    Re: Donating pumping accessories?

    Garsmum, great to know! I was about to write to Medela this morning, but did not get to it yet. I'll see what is around my area.
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    Re: Donating pumping accessories?

    Grrr...seems so wasteful. I'd think they could refurbish the motors or something! I may call and suggest it, just to get the bug in their ears.
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    Re: Donating pumping accessories?

    I was going to ask a similar question -- but do you just throw your pump away? I'm assuming the companies won't take them back (even though it's required in some non-U.S. countries that companies...
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