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  1. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    My DD is sleeping. Today we saw the pediatrician and so far we have had a great day. No doubt that this is due to a change in my attitude from hearing the good news from the pediatrician.
    First of...
  2. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    ALSO: If I do stop now with the BF, my DD being 9 months old, can I stop BF and formula all together? If yes, do I just give her juice and water and make sure she gets iron in her solid foods?
  3. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    I don't understand? Wake her up to feed her at night? When do I sleep? I don't do well if I don't sleep at least 6 hours straight. As it is, I'm "depressed" about this whole thing, and giving her...
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    Re: Homemade Baby Food.. Books?

    First Meals by annabel Karmel! Awesome book, great recipes that introduce foods I don't normally eat like mango, kiwi, apricots, leeks, parsnip, but now that I have cooked them and tasted them I will...
  5. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    I want to thank everyone who replied. You are so wonderful and have encouraged me to continue to try BF. DD is still being very selective and yesterday was one of the worse days. We went half the day...
  6. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    Thanks. I suppose I just wanted to rant, but at the same time I feel so awful. Today she breastfeed twice for five minutes straight, and I felt HOPE! But then more than that she doesn't even want to...
  7. Re: I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    Good question. I thought it might have been that also. She got a 103.2' fever when both of her teeth broke through, but now she has both of them. They are not completely in, but both of the bottom...
  8. I can't do this anymore! I GIVE UP!

    I don't know what I did wrong. My DD has been breastfeeding so well, despite the fact that I have had to use nipple shield since day 3. Up until 7 months of age, we nursed frequently every day and at...
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    Re: 2 hr nursing period!

    MY LO started to do that at about 2 months and then she started to sleep through the night as well. IT's good that she is going for a long time, maybe not 2 hours if it bother you, but it's good...
  10. Re: Help, my 17 day old is really gassy

    When my LO was really young we thought it was so funny because when she was gassy my husband would bicycle her legs and the fold them into her chest and she would let out the BIGGEST FARTS. Worked...
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    Re: Frustrated Breastfeeding Mom

    You have come to a great place for advice. My daughter is now 8 months old and I feel your frustration. Not only have I had to BF with a nipple shield this whole time, but she was also a crying,...
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    Re: help-mold and pump equipment??

    I just also found some specks of mold in the "horn", is that what you call it? THe book calls it the pump body. I can't get it out. I have tried washing it with brushes and sterilizing it but I can...
  13. Poll: Re: Easily and frequently distracted=frustrating BM feedings + much more!

    Desperate, thanks for that advice. I have somewhat tried to just breastfeed, but she acts like she is sooo hungry and not getting any milk. We have been BF more often (from 4 times a day to 8-10...
  14. Poll: Easily and frequently distracted=frustrating BM feedings + much more!

    Please excuse this long post. I have several issues and I understand that some may need to go into a different category. However, I did not want to bombard the site with many posts.

    I am a stay at...
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