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  1. Re: baby screams when offered breast - help?

    Which leads to another question - should I try waking him up to nurse more frequently during the day? At night none of this is a problem...for one thing, he wakes more frequently to nurse (go figure...
  2. Re: baby screams when offered breast - help?

    Thank you for the link - I'm reviewing the suggestions to see if there's anything additional I could try. My supply is definitely more under control that it was for the first 6 weeks after pumping...
  3. baby screams when offered breast - help?

    My son is 8 weeks old and BFing is going pretty well (I have OS and OALD) and he's gaining really well and has lots of dirty/wet diapers but he is very fussy (as least compared to how my older son...
  4. Re: FAM method...is this a popular choice of birth control? thoughts?

    I (or "we" technically I guess :P) were using FAM before I got pregnant with DS (again, on purpose!) and I really liked it. I didn't like what I perceived the effects of taking the pill for so long...
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    Re: Oversupply/OALD and Chomping?

    Hm...DS didn't consistently chomp but he did on and off at the beginning and I agree, it was very painful and frustrating. He was choking and sputtering and I was crying...not pretty. I'm not sure...
  6. Re: Birth Control Method - Mirena - anyone have this or using it?

    I had a Mirena IUD put in when my son was 6 months. So far there seems to be no impact on milk supply or on bfing otherwise. I only had a little discomfort for a few hours after I got it. Now, 2...
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    Re: spotting 2+ weeks...should i worry?

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the advice. I didn't have any bleeding at all when I had it put in (it is Mirena) and only now, about 2 months later, have this spotting and no other discharge. ...
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    spotting 2+ weeks...should i worry?

    I was EBF until DS started solids about a month and a half ago. Right around the same time I got an IUD (the kind with hormones) and but had no bleeding or spotting of any kind at the time. DS still...
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    Re: Breastfed baby on long haul flight

    My DS is 7 months now and I've flown with him by myself twice and once with my husband. When he was younger (4 weeks the first time, 2 months the second) it worked best to have a nice warm blanket...
  10. Re: Please Help...HORRIBLE BF experience....warning....horror story ahead

    After reading your post I don't feel like my experience (although challenging and frustrating for me) even comes close to what you have been through. You have my sympathy and I sincerely hope that...
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    Re: oversupply frustration

    I had the same problem at the beginning with my little guy....very frustrating so you have my sympathy! I did take the advice of my midwife and pumped for 5 mins per side before feeding. It worked...
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