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    Re: Concerned Papa

    I have no advice….just joined today looking for answers to my own BF’ing issues, but just want to say how NICE it is that you’re so supportive of your wife’s breast feeding. My husband is very...
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    Stopping son from biting down?

    I apologize if this is TMI...I want to be as descriptive as possible so I can get help :blush
    My 11-week old son has pretty much been bottle-fed since birth, with maybe 10% of his feedings coming...
  3. Re: HELP ASAP! Advice needed from BTDT M

    Thank you ladies for all of the advice, links & encouragement ...it means the WORLD to me! Im off to read all of the links @ lunch today. THANK YOU!!!!
    Oh, any way to teach my little guy to not...
  4. HELP ASAP! Advice needed from BTDT Moms!

    Please don’t take this post as a post of “not wanting to put forth an effort” post, or that I’m too lazy to try! *IF* there’s a chance I can get my milk back, or even SOME of it, I will try! I just...
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