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  1. Re: Help- Pumping and Baby very fussy/gassy/green poops

    My son's poop turned green when he started rejecting my milk (he is 5 1/2 months). Stinky stuff. I read it is a problem with an inbalance with the formilk and hindmilk. Unfortunately, my son refuses...
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    Re: HELP! Baby rejecting my milk!

    Thanks for the info. The milk tastes super sweet - sweeter than normal. It is also stickier than it used to be. I've also completely lost the 60 pounds I gained with the pregnancy (don't even ask - I...
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    HELP! Baby rejecting my milk!

    I'm at a loss. My son is 5 1/2 months old. I've been feeding him pumped milk since he was 8 weeks old in preparation of my return to work. He did fine with it. I started exclusively pumping when he...
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    Re: Went from plenty to low supply? Why?

    I was getting ready to post the same question! I've been pumping regularly, good supply, etc. Then three days ago, nothing. My milk isn't letting down (I can feel my let down, and it just isn't...
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