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    Re: First taste of Criticism

    In public, I doubt anyone would guess we were still BFing. My girl is always captivated by everything going on around us.

    At home, well, I can't say she rips my shirt off, but she will raise it...
  2. Re: nipples sore and cracking from nursing 11mth old with teeth!

    I know this is coming from a completely different direction, but I had to share because I had this exact issue. Repositioning did very little to give me relief, but I will say the football hold...
  3. Re: how much fenugreek is too much?

    It was recommended that I take 3 pills 3 times a day, so I did that. I was told side effects of fenugreek are stomach cramps and diarrhea, both of which I had. Mind you, I later found out my dosage...
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    Re: how long...fenugreek?

    Wow...I only used it for 2 weeks and ended up with oversupply. So then I stopped it immediately and the oversupply lasted for months. Probably when she was 6 months, my supply dropped suddenly and...
  5. Re: Obviously not doing this right (sorry for the long post)

    Two things.

    I was in contact with a LLLi member who dug up some info for me on PCOS and told me that breastfeeding statistics for women with PCOS are no different than for those without. A...
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    Re: Anemia and Solids...

    I know this is a bit late, but do you eat beets regularly? I'm anemic and no supplement I've ever taken for it has worked for me. I don't know why, but I'm sure I've tried them all. Then one day my...
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    Re: Constant Holding - spoiling?

    My DD is like this. At the start, I couldn't even set her down to go to the bathroom. I couldn't go with her in my arms, so I'd put her in her seat just past the doorway and left the door open so she...
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