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  1. Nursing Strike - when your baby refuses to breastfeed

    I would like to recommend the book "Nursing Strike - when your baby refuses to breastfeed", available on Amazon. It's short and to the point. It contains tips on alternative breast milk feeding...
  2. Re: 2.5 year old wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME?

    My DD always loved to nurse (we recently weaned). It was hard as she grew into toddlerhood, because any little stress would trigger her to scream for my breasts. I share my experience in my book, it...
  3. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    I recommend my book "Weaning my Toddler" by Luciana Lambert (available on Amazon, also for Kindle). It has tips on how to wean and alternate ways to soothing your child. Do not feel bad, and try not...
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    Consistent Nursing Strikes


    My baby girl has been going on frequent nursing strikes. It has been very hard to manage it as far as keeping milk supply and having her latch back on. She does not seem as happy as she...
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    Burp Question

    I read on the book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" a suggestion not to wake the baby when she falls asleep on the breast in order to burp her.
    What is the best thing to do?
    Not burp her at all...
  6. Re: Nursing strike or weaning @ 4 months

    She is not weaning yet..
  7. Re: Nursing strike or weaning @ 4 months

    Please rule out ear/throat infection. My 4 month old is on Amoxilin. A sore throat had her strike and it almost drove me crazy. I found help here. I pumped every 3-4 hours for a few minutes to keep...
  8. Re: Pedriatrician in Rancho Cucamonga, p

    I have been trying to go to a meeting, but it looks like the LL meetings in Rancho Cucamonga do not exist anymore. I called a couple of leaders in towns nearby and left messages but so far, no call...
  9. Pedriatrician in Rancho Cucamonga, pls

    I moved to Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I am having a difficult time finding a "breastfeed friendly" pediatrician for my daughter.[I] [My previous doctor would always start the appointment asking about...
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