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  1. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    I have a Purely Yours and I've never changed the settings after a letdown. I actually pump with it on top speed and top suction, because I seemed to need it. With the Medela pumps there's a letdown...
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    Re: mastitis lump

    This is from Dr. Jack Newman's site. I was mistakenly told I had plugged ducts after mastitis. Thank goodness I found this, because it was a lump.
  3. Re: Best bottle to not screw up latch/suck?

    I think there are probably a variety that work for different babies. We've used the First Years Breastflow bottle with both kids and haven't had any problems yet. However, I'm heading back to work...
  4. Re: Am I leaving enough milk for when I'm at work?

    I've always been confused about the 1-1.5 oz thing per hours separated. Does that mean more like 1-1.5 oz per hour between bottles rather than total hours separated? For example, if I am gone from...
  5. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    I thought it was a strained muscle or some bruising from a sports bra. But it's been 4 days now. But so mild, it's not always noticeable. It could still be around because I was massaging it and...
  6. Re: can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    Well, ruchiccio, I guess those diagrams were wrong, then! Mine isn't quite like that. I don't have a lot of pain. If I had the white dot I'd know it was a plugged duct for sure (the one plugged...
  7. can you have plugged duct with no symptoms?

    I have a very mild soreness in one breast that I've had for a few days. Like some post-mastitis lumps I had a few months ago, I've been massaging it thinking it was a plugged duct, but I'm thinking...
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    Re: Hygeia vs. Medela PISA pump

    Thanks, zaynethepain. That was the kind of thing I was looking for, although the other posters' had helpful comments, as well. I bought my first Ameda due to online reviews, and I loved it. But I...
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    Re: Hygeia vs. Medela PISA pump

    Actually, on that comparison site, the Ameda Purely Yours is the highest rating. I hope that's not the best pump out there! I had rented a Symphony but had to return it. It was costing me almost...
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    Hygeia vs. Medela PISA pump

    Does anyone have experience comparing both Hygeia (I guess the Enjoye, but any) and the Medela PISA pump? My insurance only covered the Ameda Purely Yours, which I used pumping at work for my first...
  11. Re: Temporarily pumping one side exclusively

    I had to pump on one side for a day or two to heal. I think I pumped every 2-3 hours for ten minutes, and he ended up nursing a lot more on the other side. It still hurt when I ended up latching...
  12. Re: Is it possible fussy baby's not hungry?

    Thanks for all the advice. Unfortunately, I can't get LO to go in a carrier or sling, and I've never been good at nursing without pillows (am trying, but waiting until I'm fully healed). So we're...
  13. Is it possible fussy baby's not hungry?

    Hello again! More problems. I think it's been about 2 weeks since our last major one, so that's about right.

    My 7-week-old has been fussing a lot during nursing. It started in evenings, so I...
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    Re: need help fast!

    My lactation consultant had me give only 10 ccs after nursing, via a supplementer (although when that didn't work for our little guy we used a bottle). My pediatrician said an ounce, too. We only...
  15. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    Today my LO was protesting at almost every feeding! It took him almost all day to eat on one side! Every time he'd fuss I took him off and did something else, but it was tough. The pacifier has...
  16. Re: Nursing strike - getting frustrated and tired, help need

    My LO is doing a similar thing, and it's throughout the day. I think I may have mild OALD and it bothers him sometimes, most often when he's tired, it seems. He'll scream with his mouth open but...
  17. Re: Storage bag recommendations needed!

    I recommend anything with double zipper, like Lansinoh or Honeywell. I too had horrible luck with Medela bags. I thought I had high lipase when baby wouldn't drink milk but she drank it from the...
  18. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    Just wanted to send an update in case anyone goes through a similar situation -- I decided to leave everything alone. I did not heat, no massage, nothing for over 24 hours now. The red spot is...
  19. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    I also found this on Dr. Jack Newman's site on mastitis. Is it possible I have the lump from the beginning of mastitis that he discusses, and not a plugged duct? I feel like if it's a lump, then...
  20. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    usafreat, if I can get to some castor oil, I'll try that. I feel like this is running (and ruining) my life at the moment. Finding time to do all this is getting impossible with an infant and a...
  21. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    I just put some cold on it and it's definitely less noticeable. It's so hard to explain, unfortunately! It's less than pea-sized -- more like a flattened pea! I did get examined yesterday and they...
  22. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    So is there a chance this isn't a plug? It feels like a pea-sized lump, but I can't always feel it, either. The red spot is right over it -- right above the areola. But I am worried if it's not a...
  23. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    So I went to my midwives to get a just-in-case prescription, and they think I do have a plugged duct. I do have a bit of a lump under the red spot on my breast (above the areola). They told me the...
  24. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    I've looked more carefully and it's more of a red spot than streaks. So that confuses me further.
  25. Re: Need urgent help -- possible mastitis

    After very little sleep (little guy was not doing so well) I seem to be doing better. I have not gotten engorged again. He nursed about every 2 hours and I tried to put him on that breast first,...
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