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  1. Re: I feel like breastfeeding is slipping away- help! (LONG

    There are herbs other than fenugreek that you could try. Some believe fenugreek works best in combination with Blessed Thistle. Have you checked out "The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More...
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    Re: Getting to be too much

    Not necessarily. You can have a bacterial infection on the skin at the same time as a yeast infection (thrush).
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    Re: Feeling discouraged

    I'm so sorry your family is less than supportive. Seriously, if you were *starving* your baby, your pediatrician would have told you, or at least I think s/he would have. Maybe a thanks, but no...
  4. Re: Nursing 7 week old every 2.5 to 3 hours seems impossible

    I'd say pretty much every baby is different. I'm almost afraid to say my oldest was a little schedule queen, dropping into a fairly regular pattern by about 3 months (and she still needs more...
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