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  1. Re: Things I wish I'd known when we started BFing

    Watching the clock is pretty much useless. Watch your baby. Fit your life to baby's needs instead of trying to schedule baby around the rest of your life.

    They grow up so fast; by meeting baby's...
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    Re: Mixed feelings?

    OP, I appreciate you sharing your feelings and I see that you are not trying to wean, but rather looking for ways to address your feelings of ambivalence. I think the suggestion that it could be...
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    Re: Sudden oversupply at 4.5 months

    I can only agree with pp and tell you I am going through the same right now with my almost 4 month old. I am trying block feeding/pumping and I pump the extra off when I get too uncomfortable. I also...
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    Re: I don't think I can do this anymore

    :ita Exactly this, every word (except I can pump in my office - but have been walked in on a couple of times!). You CAN do this. One day at a time!
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    Re: best manual hand pump?

    :love I use an Avent Isis exclusively and prefer it to an electric, and I WOH full time. One tip- for me, the clear silicone attachment that goes over the horn was useless. I use it without. Might...
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    Re: Pumping Unevenly?

    My right responds better to the pump that my left - about 2:1. I think this is normal.
    I try to nurse her on the left more when we're together to keep up supply in that breast.
  7. Re: How to manage changes in supply through the day?

    As far as some feeds being one breast and others both breasts, I think that is totally normal and my LO's pattern is pretty close to yours. My situation is a little different because I WOH and she...
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    Re: 4 month old sleeping 830p to 7a

    I won't tell you what to do but I can tell you what I am doing!:) My 3 mo. old STTN 7-9 hours and has been for over a month. We did absolutely nothing to cause or even encourage this. We nurse on...
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    Re: Bag -o- questions

    I could not agree more! If you think about it, this is really true for everyone - a "change of scene" usually helps when we're upset.
    My DD likes to be undressed and gently massaged with olive oil...
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    Re: Timing Pump Sessions

    It sounds like you are pumping or nursing every 4 hours, though, right? 7:30 pump and 11:30 nurse?

    As long as you are keeping up this schedule and producing a surplus, my personal opinion is that...
  11. Re: Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitam

    You're welcome and let us know if you try those resources and can't solve the issue!:gvibes
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    Re: Creating bad habits

    Just wanted to chime in with some supportive words and say :ita with the pps. It sounds like you are doing great!:clap

    We follow a lot of the same parenting principles. I can assure you that my 4,...
  13. Re: Thrush and being immune compromised. Should I give vitam

    What vitamins do you mean?

    The kellymom.com site has good thrush information IMO and I believe there is some information here on the forum in the FAQ. Some ideas to look for are Dr. Jack Newman's...
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    Re: First birthday!

    :happytears Happy birthday to your son and congrats! Keep up the good work!:gvibes
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    Re: We've made it!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!:cheer You're over the hump!:D
  16. Re: milk supply so uneven throughout the day

    I can relate to what you describe! The thing for me was to get myself out of the mindset of "using up" milk and having complete faith in the demand/supply system. If you start feeding bottles of ebm...
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    Re: An update to "unbearable guilt"

    I have to echo what lllmeg said about reconnecting with baby when you get home from work each day. When I get home each day I make a beeline for my littlest LO and snuggle up on her right away!:love ...
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    Re: pumping while block feeding at work

    Can you just "block pump" to mimic your daughter's nursing pattern?
    Rule of thumb is to pump enough to match intake.
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    Re: Having to apologize for bf at 2yrs

    :D I like your response! I agree, you don't have to be confrontational but you should not apologize. Great job on bfing your twins this long.
  20. Re: 1 week bussiness trip...what should I do

    :ita:gvibes Don't forget to check the TSA rules about transporting breastmilk via airplane also.
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    Re: Pumping question

    A few questions: How old is your baby? How much ebm does your baby take while you are at work? How often and how long do you pump? What kind of pump do you use?

    Generally, I would say if your...
  22. Re: Help with daycare provider clueless about breastmilk

    :hug Sorry you are going through this!

    How do you like your dcp otherwise? Does she seem genuinely concerned about your LO's well-being or more so about the additional inconvenience to herself...
  23. Re: Best bottle to use for BF baby? Suggestions needed

    Same here - we have used those bottles/nipples with all four children with no problem (we replaced the nipples for each child but I don't think they've changed the design).
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    Re: Serious Pain while Nursing

    Is the pain in your nipple only or where? When did you start having pain?
    Are your nipples damages (I mean, scabbed, blistered, bleeding etc.)?
    Sometimes the letdown itself is somewhat painful....
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    Re: 'Milk neck' or yeast infection?

    I should mention - I usually only bathe my babies 1-2 times per week or as needed if they are particularly spitty/drooly. I think frequent baths are too drying to baby's skin. You can clean just the...
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