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  1. Baby refusing to nurse, Cries like in pain'

    My baby has intermittently this afternoon had long crying spells (20-60 min) where she also refused to nurse, even though regularly she would nurse at that time. She has no fever. She is 3 months old...
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    How to wean to cow's milk?

    These message boards have been so good to me during my breastfeeding experience I thought I'd try one more time with my weaning question! What do you think is the best way to wean to cow's milk? My...
  3. Re: Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    Thank you for the fresh perspectives. All my friends even the breastfeeding ones made it sound like I was doing something wrong still allowing her to nurse at night. I guess I just need to expect it....
  4. Almost 9 Months - Still Night Nursing... Sighs/Help?

    My LO is going to be nine months next week and she still gets up for at least one night nursing. During bad teething episodes it can be two times. I do not co-sleep so I have to get out of bed each...
  5. Exclusively Breastfeed to Six Months?

    I wanted to get some encouragement that its okay to wait till my baby is six months old before offering her anything but breast milk. I feel like I am the absolute minority amongst all my friends...
  6. Re: 4 month old fussy during feeding...h

    I would try adding more healthy fats to your diet to boost the fat in the milk. I'd also offer the breast frequently to make up for how distracted he's getting at the breast. My daughter does the...
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    Re: Can't lose this weght!!

    I'm doing the same things you are and at 5 months I still have 8 lb to go. I gained 35 lbs and was 5'6" 128 pp. hopefully it will come off soon for both of us. A friend of mine had this problem and...
  8. What age can baby set nursing schedule?

    I know early on a baby is supposed to eat every three hours during the day and no more than four hour stretches at night. My baby is past the age of the "wake them up for night feedings" and she...
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    Paranoid Breastfeeder

    My little one had weight gain issues at birth and took a little longer to regain her weight . We had to use nipple shields for several weeks because of latch issues and have been off them for two...
  10. Re: Taking too much nipple? Weak latch?

    I think it might be the cradle hold that is making her not get as much of the areola. When I first got her off the shields last week I was using the my brest friend nursing pillow to do a modified...
  11. Re: Taking too much nipple? Weak latch?

    The latch is not painful. Sometimes for two or three sucks it may sting a little, but then its totally fine, and no pain at all, before, during or after feeding. I guess I just worry about the latch...
  12. Taking too much nipple? Weak latch?

    I'm worried that my 5 wk old is latching poorly. She is gaining weight, this week she went from 7 lb 9 oz to 8 lb. already in 5 days but I think she's taking a lot of nipple and not enough areola. I...
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    Nipple Shield/Latch Problems

    My baby is having problems latching on and has had these issues since she was born. She was born at 6 lbs 10 oz, but by her first pediatrician visit the day after we left the hopsital, she was at 5...
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