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    Re: Baby not drinking much whole milk?!

    My dd refuses to drink cow's milk. I tried to introduce it when she was 12 months old and now, 1 year later, she still does not like it. :eek: I have been giving her soy milk instead, which she...
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    Re: Finding a balance

    I think you hit the nail on the head - something is wrong with this picture! The question your friend ought ask herself is whose needs she trying to meet: her child's physical ones or her own...
  3. Temas: dental caries

    by Heike

    Re: dental caries

    This has been a very helpful and informative thread ! I have two questions to add to the discussion:

    1. I am intruiged by the idea of using peppermint oil for cleaning teeth before introducing...
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    Re: What to Expect advice

    My dd is 17 months and weighs around 17 lb (it was 16 lb 6 oz at her last checkup 2 months ago). I am very skinny, was a skinny baby myself, my husband is slender and was a slender baby ... So, our...
  5. Re: Need info on how EBF does NOT lead to food=comfort

    I also read that bf is associated with reduced likelihood of obesity in a number of different locations (books, mags, www) ... On the other hand, I have two nephews in their early teens who were both...
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    Re: vitamin C in breastmilk?

    Thank you for the references!!! Since I have a good vit C intake, it stands to reason that dd gets her share.

    I'll educate my pediatrician next time I see her :p
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    vitamin C in breastmilk?

    Does anyone know if there is vitamin C in breast milk?
    My dd's pediatrician was concerned about my dd getting enough vitamin C since she is still refusing to eat a lot of solids and dd is not...
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    Re: Enough nutrition?

    My 17 month-old dd isn't fond of solids and her pediatrician recommended that I not give her any juice due to the empty calories. I give my dd water and soy milk. She refuses cow's milk. I think rice...
  9. Temas: nursing game?

    by Heike

    Re: nursing game?

    My dd started the nursing game around 15 months as well: sip a little, then check the other side, sip a little there, go back, nurse for a couple of minutes, sample the other side again, etc. All the...
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    Re: Getting menstrual period again

    For me, it has been 16 months postpartum with no signs of a period. I also would like to get pregnant again. I spoke to my ob/gynecologist about it and he said that it is quite possible to get...
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    Re: Does my baby weigh enough?

    My dd just had her 15 month well-visit a week ago. She weighed in at 16 pounds 6 oz. and her length and head circum. between 25th and 50th percentile (I don;t recall the values). She is about 80+...
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    Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    I have had the same thoughts, althought my 15-month-old dd does not speak comprehensively yet. I am not concerned about the interactions between me and dd, but how others may perceive and...
  13. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    I read the abstract of the Mandel et al. article and they found that the caloric density increases over time. I would think that this is a good thing for those babies who are reluctant to increase...
  14. Re: DD hates her Vitamin drops but needs the Iron-what are some natural sources?

    My dd absolutely refuses the vitamin drops, too. They are nasty - I wouldn't take them either :p
    My dd still lives mostly on breatsmilk at 14 months - refuses to eat much of anything,...
  15. Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    I don't know when I'll wean, but I plan to move BF into the closet by the time dd can speak in full sentences ;)
  16. Re: I can't take it anymore! I think I want to wean!

    I really have no experience with this, but my approach would be to try to fill baby up with other food first and consider nursing a dessert rather than the main course. So, if ds eats a decent amount...
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    Re: getting through teething

    My dd is a late teether and didnn't get her first chompers until 11 months old. The bottom 2 incisors came in first and it did not affect the nursing at all as her tongue is between the teeth and the...
  18. Re: still won't use bottle or sippy cup at 13 months

    Have you tried soy milk? I have come across several babies now that will drink soy milk but refuse cows' milk, juice and water. It's worth a try!
  19. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    Actually, I think Ava's pediatrician was serious about the chocolate, ice cream and butter-soaked cheerios - in conjunction with the continued nursing. She hoped that Ava would fatten up a bit -...
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    Re: cavities from breastfeeding?

    When should a baby/toddler make his/her first trip to the dentist?
    My dd is 13 months and has 4 teeth ...
  21. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    Sorry for the tardy response ... I got sick, then Ava got sick, my husband had a root canal - one of those weeks .

    Your son sounds just like my brother was: he weighed about that much at 2 and he...
  22. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    The WHO and kellymom links are great - just what I was looking for. Thank you!
    I'll need to spend some time with those ...
  23. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    Thanks for the link to the growth charts - there definitely is a difference between the two sets of data (bf vs. other). Ava is way below the bf-curve, too, though. But you are right, the mother's...
  24. Re: seeking EBF advice: skinny baby refusing solids

    Thank you again for all your advice!

    Ava's pediatrician suggested the ice cream/chocolate/buttered cheerios diet out of concern for Ava's neurological/brain development. Cholesterol at this age is...
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    Re: Can you only nurse one side?!?

    Thrush sounds awful - how terrible that you have to struggle with this! Have you had a chance to talk to a doctor about it? I think a good one to ask would be your pediatrician - I am sure they come...
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