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  1. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    DD calls it "Noon"...she started out calling it "Nu-nu", but has since merged the two syllables and now it's just plain old "noon".
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    Re: Cramps with no period?

    I had weird after-pains for absolutely months after both my babies - not all the time, but particularly after even seemingly minor physical exertion. Maybe it's possible that the timing of the...
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    Re: Suddenly Crying Fits!

    Thanks for the advice - it does seem to have calmed down the last few days and we haven't had any more incidents..that said, I did eliminate the suspect food - I guess the only way to completely...
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    Suddenly Crying Fits!

    I'm hoping someone can offer some insight here, even if it's just to say "it'll pass!"...

    My newborn DD has been happily nursing for 3 weeks now, but in the last 4-5 days, she seems to suffer...
  5. Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    My DS does exactly the same thing. My husband plays "pee-yoo, those feet stink" with him every day, and I did it once while he was on my lap. Now, whenever he is bf'ing and sock-less, he sticks...
  6. Re: Think I've done some serious damage?

    I think it's funny how we can be afraid of offending someone by simply informing them of plain facts when they have no fear whatsoever of offending us with their beliefs and opinions!!

    I am a...
  7. Boy, am I grateful for the boobs - and all of you!

    Just a few days off one year, never in a million years thought I would make it this far! But here we are, and boy was I grateful for it last night!

    DS did seem to be hitting the boobs like a...
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    Wearing My Cloak of Grandma

    Didn't really know where to post this one as it is just a little strange - since we are just a few weeks' away from hitting one year, I thought I would post it here and introduce myself anyway!
  9. Re: How often is your 9 mo. old nursing?

    My little guy is 8 months old and is also on 3 (large, 2 course!) meals a day - also, introducing the solids made no difference to the milk he took at night - he still nurses for the same amount of...
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    Re: Will I Ever Have a Life!?!?!?

    You will have a life! And you are doing really well! 10 weeks is still very young and the nursing demands can be very high, but rest assured that you are up to the challenge and her demands will...
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    Re: Leaking!!!!

    I also use those Bravado nursing bras - totally comfortable at night, and wear a slim disposable pad all night as well to catch any leaks.
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    Re: Need some support....please!

    My guy is also on the small side - when I take him for weigh-ins, they always grill me on what he is getting. However I think with some babies, they are just little livewires and will burn off...
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    Re: Low Supply at Seven Months?

    Is there a chance you could be pregnant? If you haven't started periods again, the onset of pregnancy can reduce the amount of milk....just a thought!
  14. 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

    I was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions based on experience - my 8 month old was recently a little bit ill - nothing too major, just one morning of vomiting and diarhea, no fever or...
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    Re: First Tooth and First Bite!

    I also got a few bites when my little guy's first teeth came in - they can't help it, they are just trying stuff out I suppose! I followed the usual advice, which was to take him off when he bit and...
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    Re: sleep?Does it exist?

    MMMmmmm..I always feel better about my little one's sleep habits when you read about others. My little dude is just about 7 months old, was exclusively bf to 6 months and is now on solids and bm. ...
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    Smug and Secretly Satisfied

    As my little dude is wolfing down the solids now, I thought it might be a good time to see if he might also take a bottle of formula now and again - my parents are coming to visit from overseas in a...
  18. Re: Hearing the "Jaws" theme in my head when baby latches on...

    Ahhh - that wasn't so bad - after just about 2 days of stopping the feed with a gentle "no biting Mummy", he seems to have realised the error of his ways! I can't believe it was so easy, and it also...
  19. Re: Please help, teething is terrible!!!

    I apologize if this product is not available to you wherever you are - but here in the UK, I heard rumours of a "magic powder" in a really old-fashioned package....I got some at Boots and I have to...
  20. Hearing the "Jaws" theme in my head when baby latches on...

    ....ok, not really...but my 5 month old little guy has sprouted 2 lower incisors and oddly, only when he feeds from the right breast, he seems to clamp down with his teeth towards the end of his feed...
  21. Re: Can you "overfeed" while breastfeeding?

    I agree with all above - and you should give yourself a pat on the back for having such a healthy baby who is thriving so well on breastmilk! A friend's baby was born a week after mine and although...
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    Re: growth spurt-HELP!

    I think one of the hardest things to overcome when you are breastfeeding are those growth spurts, when they start chowing down like there's no tomorrow! So many women I know panicked when baby...
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    Re: Sour smelling poop

    I was worried as my once-a-day baby went through a phase of only going about once a week - as alarming as this is, I was advised that it is perfectly normal in a breastfed baby as there is so little...
  24. Re: Just wanted to share my freakazoid breast issue.

    This is so not a freakazoid issue....well, if it is, there are lots of us freakazoids! My letdown is so powerful that I swear I can squirt about a metre away. One night, while annoyed with my...
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    Re: Sticky Situation

    It really sucks when people take out their own guilt on you - I am also a first-time Mum, and as if that isn't hard enough, having people trying to browbeat you into giving up is the last thing you...
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