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    Re: I used to think

    I struggled with this when DS was around 18 months, too. It felt like he was always grabbing at me, and I didn't know how I was going to keep it up.

    What I did...
    1) Taught some nursing manners....
  2. Re: everybody tell me shes almost 2 stop nursing!

    Something tells me you wouldn't post this here if you wanted to wean her. Making parenting choices is always hard, and doubly so when you are doing something different from the others in your...
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    Last night, nursing my 2 year old...

    I was nursing DS before bed last night, and he unlatches and touches my hair:
    "Mommy? You haf byoo-full hair..."
    His hand trails down, and he continues:
    "And eyes... and nose... and face... and...
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    Re: Please I need advice

    Just like any time that you are having a rough patch with nursing, you need to slow down and take it one feed at a time. Try to declutter your schedule for the next few days so baby and mama can get...
  5. Re: where are you at with Nursing your toddler over 2?

    My son is just under two, and we are mainly nursing as "book ends" to sleep. That is, before and after napping, and before, during, and after night-time sleep. When he is not sick or teething, and...
  6. Re: New to BF and motherhood - looking for advice

    I wish I had all the answers to your questions, but I don't. I had engorgment with my DS, but it was earlier, but it did feel like what you are describing.

    My best recommendation would be to...
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    Re: Moms who have co-slept

    Our co-sleeping comes in waves. Sometimes DS spends the night in his crib for weeks, and then we have a week with him in with us for most of the night. It works best for us to be really flexible...
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    Re: Cosleeping

    Lots of people cosleep, and overlaying is rare in families where parents don't abuse drugs or alchohol. An excellent book on the subject is Good Nights by Dr. Jay Gordon.

    The only trouble we...
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    Re: Breast feeding and bottle feeding

    Introducing a bottle in a way that does not interfere with breastfeeding isn't impossible, but it can be tricky. It does depend on the age of your little one, and also on whether or not you are...
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    Re: Yet another sleeping question

    Among some people in the medical profession there is the recommendation that night nursing is curtailed after 3-4 months, but there is little research backing up that position. Breastmilk is...
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    Re: nightfeeding, solids and sleep

    Many, many :hug . I had many times when my son would go through a majorly rough patch with sleeping, and I have never felt more hopeless, trapped and alone in my life.

    Hmmm, now what can I say to...
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    Re: going back to work...

    I went back when DS was that age. I pumped at lunch, generally 4-6 ounces, and he would take the bottle before his nap the next time I was at work. I did go back part-time though, so that might...
  13. Re: my 5 wk old has been pooping 1-2 times/day. is this normal?

    My little guy was all over the place with that. It is a temperament thing, I think. Some kids are just more regular than others in there sleeping and elimination patterns. Talk to your health care...
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    Re: one breast not producing as much milk?

    My left has always made more than my right. I used to try and nurse more on the right for the extra stimulation to try and "even them out" until breastfeeding friends told me it was extremely common...
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    Re: Lazy nurser + abundant supply = ouch

    I had terrible engorgement with my sleepy newborn. My breasts were so tight and sore, and looked red and swollen. :hug for what you are struggling with.

    Let's see, what worked for me?
  16. Re: sudden bottle rejection at 9months

    No specific advice, but here are two real life stories of similar situations:

    I went back to work when DS was 10 months, and he decided he didn't want bottles anymore at 15 months. Because of his...
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    Re: trying to nurse again

    If she is already using the bottle, she might be able to reintroduce the breast after starting a feeding on the bottle. Or, you can try cup-feeding from a medicine cup or eye dropper, to avoid...
  18. Re: How can I distract him in the mornings?

    My son is partially weaned. When I wanted him to drop some of our daytime nursings, the following strategies helped:

    I sat down less, so there wouldn't be that tempting lap to crawl into.
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    Re: No support for weaning; feeling alone

    Thanks all for your responses, both those who wrote words of support and those who chose to explain the other perspective.

    I can understand what many have said about not committing to a "done"...
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    Re: No support for weaning; feeling alone

    The way you put it, sixyearplan, the choices are wean before one, or wait forever! Neither of those options will suit our family. I know that my toddler has feelings about nursing, but they aren't...
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    Re: No support for weaning; feeling alone

    I'm not sure what BTDT means... But here are my concerns:

    In my mothering style, nursing has been my go-to solution for every speedbump. Not falling asleep? Nurse him. Feeling sick? Nurse him....
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    Re: weaning advice

    I am not sure how this will apply to your situation, but I will share what happened with us when I went back to work.

    I went back when my LO was 10 months. He would only take a bottle of...
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    No support for weaning; feeling alone

    Hi. I am feeling frustrated, so excuse this bit of a vent. I don't have anyone IRL to share this with.

    My son is 21 months, and my husband and I are hoping to have him weaned by age 2. We have...
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    Re: setting limits

    I have trouble setting limits with my 16 month old, too. I am never sure if I am saying no too often or not enough.

    One thing that makes it tough for me is that he really kicks up his rate of...
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    Re: What should I expect?

    My son is 16 months. The biggest changes I have noticed about nursing a toddler as opposed to a young baby, is the increase in fiddling and squirming. Sometimes my guy wants to lay on his stomach...
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