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    Re: weight gain - can LO's gain too much?

    Just wanted to say thanks for asking the question and for the answers.

    My LO was 6 lb 5 oz at birth, 6 lbs when we brought him home, and today at 7.5 weeks our bathroom scale registered 11.2 lbs....
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    Just wants to suck...?

    Is there a way to tell the difference between when your LO is actually hungry or just wants to suck for enjoyment?
  3. Re: Block feeding not reducing supply?! and pain question

    oh geez.... :(

    that's really interesting! I am a carb-o-holic - so it sure seems logical! the hard thing is actually making a change!

    Thanks for that advice... I'll report back on what I can...
  4. Re: Block feeding not reducing supply?! and pain question

    Thanks girls for the encouragement. I'm still being a :cow but the painful hard engorgement settled in the past few days.

    My concern about collecting letdown milk to save is that it is all...
  5. Temas: Camel's milk

    by Adelas

    Re: Camel's milk

    You know, I have never been brave enough to even try goat's milk and that's readily available here in the US.

    Just a tip for anyone who normally doesn't like milk, you may find that if you buy...
  6. Re: Block feeding not reducing supply?! and pain question

    At night, he can go 4-5.5 hours. During the day, depending on how sleepy he is, he may go 3-4 hours. In the late evening/before bed, he typically asks for it about every 2 hours, and might eat more...
  7. Block feeding not reducing supply?! and pain question

    Hi ladies. I'm a first time mommy with OS and OALD.

    I have been block feeding (2-3 feedings per side, 2-4 hours from start of one feeding to start of the next) my six week old son for over a week....
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    Re: congested 3 week old....

    I have been using a humidifier for my little guy, and the blue bulb of death (:'().

    Although you probably don't want to stick Vicks directly on your daughter, you might try just holding the jar...
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    5 week old, always gassy, newly diarrhea

    Hi there. I have a 5 week old son and several questions.

    1. First of all, besides a virus, what could cause diarrhea?

    For the past 24-48 hours, his stools have been consistently more watery,...
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