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  1. Re: Renting a hospital grade breast pump

    Not sure about the parts that come with the pump but I do know that the hospital grade parts are a closed pump system so milk does not enter the pump area and are safe to use.

    Pumps like the...
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    Re: unfinished breastmilk?

    I've reused and reheated bm before and never had either of my daughters get sick. I wouldn't do it if we were outside in the heat or something but can't spare any breastmilk.
  3. Re: What do you wish you knew before returning to work?

    Definitely post something on the door to where you will be pumping. I was pumping around the same time as a co-worker...we didn't have the best set up as we had to pump in our computer server room...
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    Re: baby eczema??

    My daughter (now 2 1/2) had exczema and really bad cradle cap and I never had shellfish nor ate a ton of diary.

    I think some kids just get it and it's not necessarily tied to allergies (but could...
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