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  1. Re: Food aversion after illness?

    :ita It`s normal, but watch out when he does start eating. He`ll eat everything but the plate in front of him...:lol My son is just getting better after a rota virus. He didn`t have an appetite for...
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    Re: He is overeating?!?!?

    :hug Babies don`t do so well with schedules. I agree with you with feeding on demand. Nursing for babies is so much more than just nourishment. It`s also closeness, comfort, their way of feeling...
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    Re: Still waking at night!!!

    Ds is 19 months old and he still doesn`t sleep through the night. However, I`ve found that he sleep better if his sleeping environment is "just right". By that I mean that his pajamas aren`t too...
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    Re: Rotavirus- will only bf

    :ita Keep nursing momma.
    We are going through the same thing right now. Rotavirus, throwing up, no appetite, diarrhea and weight loss. Bm is the best thing right now. It nourishes and keeps him...
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    Re: I miss it

    :ita You indeed did a great job by breastfeeding her this far.:clap
  6. Re: Now... don't hate on me.... but

    That is so wonderful!:clap
    Ds sometimes uses the potty but it`s not all the time yet.
  7. Re: What the heck is going on.....

    :hug It probably is related to teething and should go back to normal once that little molar is out. Poor little guy must be so uncomfortable. It`s a great idea to give him a pain reliever.

    I try...
  8. How to stop the snackings...

    Hello dear ladies,
    We are not weaning yet, but I think this subject belongs here. Ds, who is now 18 months old is a snacker. He doesn`t nurse for long, but he asks to nurse every time I sit down or...
  9. Re: Hi! New here with questions.

    I agree with the previous posters. Your body will make as much as your toddler needs. It`s great that you are all sleeping better.:clap
  10. Re: And the comments have started...

    I`m sorry that many of you have to deal with unpleasant comments too.:hug

    My neighbors do have kids and some of them also breastfeed them. Not sure about the lady who keeps suggesting that I wean....
  11. Re: And the comments have started...

    Thanks ladies. Your words are such an encouragement to me :happytears I`m a mess and tamarama you are completely right.

    I really don`t know if my period will return on its own or if I have to...
  12. And the comments have started...

    I`m blessed with wonderful neighbors. We live on campus and it`s a close community. However, the comments have started about me "still" breastfeeding. People are telling it`s time to wean my son. (18...
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    Re: Make up my mind....

    I also think it`s completely normal. But my little guy never misses a beat...:rolleyes:
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    Re: We're HERE!!

    Yay :clap Congratulations on making it this far.
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    Re: herbal teas?

    Here is a link from Kellymom about herbs and breastfeeding. I like herb tea as well especially chamomile.
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    Re: Is this normal?

    It`s completely normal. Have you given raisins? They come out as grapes.:lol:gross
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    Re: i don't want to wean :(

    18 months PP and still no AF. I really feel your pain. I agree that night weaning would be less stressful for the both of you. I`m trying the same thing...
    :hug And some women get pregnant even...
  18. Re: HELP - She will not stop eating

    :welcome You`ve come to the right place for breastfeedin support.
    I agree with the previous poster that it`s perfectly normal to nurse often those first few weeks. Actually, the first few weeks all...
  19. Re: I need help finding an article to take to Drs

    Hi, you know I googled your request and found this article. Not sure if this is the one you read. It talks about food allergies and a little girl who can only eat rice and pears. It`s a severe case,...
  20. Re: How do I get into the mind frame of BF a toddler...

    I couldn`t agree more.:ita After a good routine has been established it`s really hard to change. I find myself anxious if ds doesn`t nurse for 2-3 hrs and I have to remind myself that he is not an...
  21. Re: 12th day, new mom, no engorgement...

    Hi :hello
    I agree that pumping is not a good indicator of how much milk you actually have. And even if you cannot pump much, your baby is MUCH MORE effective at removing milk than a pump.

    It is...
  22. Re: Milk supply drying up! Help!

    :hug I`m sorry you are having a hard time breastfeeding. :hug
    I have to say that I`ve been in your shoes. I was told to supplement and it badly reduced my supply. Good news is, there are...
  23. Re: I so don`t want to do this...

    Thank you for the links. I like Dr. Jay Gordon`s method but my situation is a little different. Thing is ds does sleep 7 hrs straight on most nights. Once I`m next to him in bed, he sleeps very well....
  24. Re: I so don`t want to do this...

    Thank you Number 3. You are always such an encouragement.:love I`ve been thinking about night weaning but something always comes up. Ds has been sick this whole month. It`s one thing after another....
  25. Re: Help me like nursing again.....

    Sometimes Shion is like that too. He wants to be held and nurse, but it`s only a few secs at a time. Some days are better than other though. And of course when he is with other kids he`s completely...
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