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    Re: Reglan with history of PPD


    Your husband needs to stop sabotaging you. I cannot link right now but I will try and come back in the morning but Kellymom has great information about how to bottle feed a...
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    Re: Reglan with history of PPD

    depends on the provider. Some have no problems others are totally against it. Let us know.
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    Re: Reglan with history of PPD

    I was pretty happy though stressed about milk production before I took reglan. I have not been anything but severely depressed since (that kids is 4.5 yrs old now. There were other things that...
  4. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted

    I gave a sensory OT your question, this is her reply

    I don't know how comfortable you are with sensory language yet but if you aren't sure about terms like proprioception and vestibular input...
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    Re: I don't think I can do this anymore

    I haven't pumped since DD was 13 months. And she is almost 3. And I refer to what I have as postpartum ADHD. I haven't slept more than 4 hrs in a row since I got pregnant with my son 5 yrs ago...
  6. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted

    My DS like rubbery stuff too. Try the Baby Arc Grabber or just some aquarium tubing.

    I find this site really useful. Here are a few highly recommended oral sensory things and more on pintrest.
  7. Re: pumping and not sure how much milk i should be getting

    Yup a good lactation consultant and that baby latched is what you need. Exclusive pumping is very very difficult. And time consuming. And it only gets more difficult as the baby gets older. Nursing...
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    Re: week old not suckling - urgent!

    I will try and come back with more later but :ital with the pp. Also try and google suck training.
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    Re: Pumping Unevenly?

    I got between 2 and 3 oz from one side and between 0.5 and 1 oz from the other. Many women find that because kiddo has a preference there production is uneven. The more definite the preference the...
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    Re: Sudden Decrease at 3 Months?

    A breastfed takes about 1-1.5 oz/hr. Your pediatrician is advising you to give hour baby an amount that is a lot even for a formula fed baby of that age (I would be doing lots of linking here but I...
  11. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted


    My son has super high oral stim needs. At that age he was weaned (his sister is just 17 months younger but he was still all over me all day and night. And taking as many bottles a day as I...
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    Re: Do I cut down on nursing??

    There is 17 months between my kids. I swear to goodness my little one eat more food than my big one by the time she was 10 months. He seemed to be surviving on air and age was eating like a horse and...
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    Re: Hates being covered

    I found nursing in a stretch wrap (like a moby to be the easiest thing in the world and ir basically acted as a cover. You could try it. I did not have kids who would nurse under anything.

    But to...
  14. Re: What's magical about pump-weaning at a year vs. sooner?

    For general information there are differrences by State. Oregon guarentees 18mo.
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    Re: Working mom in need of help :/

    There are moms on here who have done just what you are suggesting. You do not need to give up breastfeeding.

    However if we could we would love to brainstorm with you about pumping. There are...
  16. Re: Trouble breastfeeding . . . LC says baby is tight?

    JoEllen if the baby is hypertonic shouldn't a pediatrician be involved? It can impact more than just nursing right?
  17. Re: Breastfeeding baby Maggie - creased nipples, ouch!

    Do you have any wound gel? I cannot remember what it was called but it was a gel sheet maybe 1/8 inch or less thick and i hade little squares of it I kept on my cracked and bloody nipples all the...
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    Re: moms nursing older toddlers

    DD will be 3 in October. She nurses a number of times a night and 3-5 time during the daytime (it would be more but I cannot hack it). We do not nurse around other people but that is because I chose...
  19. Re: Breastfeeding baby Maggie - creased nipples, ouch!

    want me to post it for you :lol
    yup I do not remember it fondly at all. Given D's age and the fact that my mom was staying with us I ended up having D all the time H wasnt nursing.
  20. Re: Breastfeeding baby Maggie - creased nipples, ouch!

    Isnt this why your DH is a sahd and your brother can help out too even if he is just hanging in your newly suburbanized garden. :fbhug
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    Re: bonding

    I personally wouldnt pump. I hate the pump. I dont respond well to the pump. And to be perfectly honest I found using a milking machine when my baby was around a thoroughly depressing experience (it...
  22. Re: Breastfeeding baby Maggie - creased nipples, ouch!

    With H we had a textbook looking latch. And PAIN. And very deep cracks by day 2. I looked for tongue ties too and had the LC check. It was out pedi who noticed her very high palate and mentioned that...
  23. Re: I feel like breastfeeding is slipping away- help! (LONG

    :ita. also i found individuals a lot more flexible and accomodating than hr who stuck to the exact letter of the law. like i said we had 4 people pumping at once. i just used to ask someone if they...
  24. Re: bottle refusal... not in the way youd think.

    scalding might damage the milk but so does freezing. fresh milk is best. if you can get away with giving unscalded do it if not scald in the bottle warmer right there at work. any milk is better than...
  25. Re: I feel like breastfeeding is slipping away- help! (LONG

    Diflucan (long and high dose) for both of us and gse pills for me was what finally killed mine. you need to use the gse until after all signs on both of you are gone. it will get better i promise....
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