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    Re: gurgly stomach noises...

    My son will be 6 weeks old tomorrow, and I often notice his tummy gurgles too. They don't seem to bother him at all. If he seems uncomfortable, I try to burp him or pat his bottom to get some gas...
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    Re: Chuck the Clock

    I am trying SO HARD to not watch the clock when my baby is nursing. But for us moms who had little babies at birth and kind of had to force feedings the first couple of weeks every couple of hours,...
  3. Re: The baby can't seem to get settled onto the latch

    My son does this sometimes too, and it seems like he is just "playing around" a lot of the time. The lactation consultant at the hospital where I delivered told my husband and I to pull the baby...
  4. Giving breastmilk in a bottle... How much?

    My husband and I like to give our son one bottle a day, usually before "bedtime" (which he doen't really go to sleep afterwards, but we're trying) or for a middle of the night feeding. My question...
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    Length of feedings

    My son is now one month old. He will very often feed on one breast for 30-35 minutes (I watch to make sure he is sucking and swallowing every so often, and not sleeping). Once he falls off, or...
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