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    Re: Why isn't she sleeping?

    Oh wow - There's a three month growth spurt?

    Well then yeah - Thats probably what it is ... It just stinks that it's at nighttime. Ugh.

    * I do co-sleep
    *Started work about 3 weeks ago

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    Why isn't she sleeping?

    I'm going on 1 1/2 hrs of sleep last night ... and about 2 1/2 hrs the night before

    12 weeks - thriving. Sometimes skips a day when pooping.

    What could be some reasons she's doing this and what...
  3. Re: cleaning pump parts- how often?

    If my next pumping session is within a hour ... I don't

    If my pumping session for the day will be about 2 hrs apart - I rinse w/ hot water

    If my pumping sessions for the day are far enough...
  4. Re: My boobs - Changes & Holding em' up

    National Geographic Titties ... Hilarious!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    Yeah, I'm not too upset w/the changes my body has gone through - I wasn't too small anyway so having a little extra here and there isn't...
  5. My boobs - Changes & Holding em' up

    Um, what happened to my breasts? Is it normal?:o

    They are saggy ... very saggy compared to how they use to be .... they aren't "plump" anymore... they are kinda long now. ?????:confused:

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    Re: I miss her soooo much ...

    Thank you very very very much for all your wonderful responses.

    I honestly haven't gone back to look at this post ... as it makes me cry each time I read it.

    You've all said wonderful things...
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    Single vs. Dbl pumping

    Why is it better to double pump vs single pumping and alternating sides?

    I noticed when I pump one side a a time, I get more "let downs?" or at least I get more little spurts of milk than I do...
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    I miss her soooo much ...

    Today is my 2nd day back at work ... I'm a complete wreck.

    I miss her so much .. I feel like I'm carrying a 50lb weight on my chest.

    I miss her mornings.. Her beautiful smiles and "agoos" in...
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    Re: Weird questions ...

    I think I could be a bit paranoid right now as well .... (I'm a mom right now that is petrified of someone else carrying my dd as she could be dropped - or someone dirty touching her or people who...
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    Weird questions ...

    I'm going back to work the 17th ... and my mother is going to take care of the baby while I'm at work.

    My mother - Very very .. I mean abnormally stubborn and controlling is acting weirder and...
  11. Not wanting to go back to work ...

    Ok so I return to work on the 17th ... (I could cry typing this) and I guess I need to make preperations for it.

    Questions -

    When should I begin pumping?
    Seems like when I pump for 3 days -...
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    How to pump???

    Ok I need to pump for tomorrow night - maybe 3-6 oz .... How do I do this when she demands so much now?

    If I pump - She'll be upset during her next feeding because the flow will be slower because...
  13. Re: Not making enough milk in the afternoons?

    How quick does the fluid intake change your production? If I drink it up now - will it effect me in a few hours?

    4 weeks old on Tuesday!!! Can you believe how time flies? - Feels like yesterday I...
  14. Re: What helped you most in the early weeks?

    Pillows ... I never bought a nursing pillow .... but my husband running to kohls and buying 6 new pillows was great. One for my back, between my legs, under my head, under the baby, across my...
  15. Not making enough milk in the afternoons?

    I have like 3 mins to ask my question before she'll want to be carried and to fight w/ my breast again ....

    So -

    I don't think I'm making enough milk in the afternoon for my suck-a-holic.... ...
  16. Re: Output & Nursing length changed

    She is in her 3rd week - born 5/23.

    Her weight gain was fine last check up - about a week ago. She gained all her weight back.
    10 lbs 4 oz at birth - she lost 8% (from what my pedi told me) and...
  17. Output & Nursing length changed

    I noticed for the past 2 days my dd's diapers are more watery than they use to be. There use to be more seeds and now her poop seems more watery. She's pooping often (A lot of wet and poopy diapers)...
  18. She's been on my boob ALL DAY!!!

    Ok so she'll be 3 weeks tomorrow - big girl - over 11 lbs now ...

    She's been on my breast all day - I put her down, she's wailing (as she is right now because I'm taking wayyy to long posting...
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    Re: Baby Won't Burp!

    My baby does the same thing !!!!

    It'll take 10-15 mins to burp her - if she burps, it's not a guarantee in 5 mins she'll spit up.

    10-15 mins at 4 AM is like 2 hours .....

    I've tried all of...
  20. Supplementing at night ... What now?

    Ok .... I couldn't handle it .... The night time feedings were horror. We fought to get her latched on properly... (My nipple wouldn't get hard so latching was very difficult) ..... She'd eat for...
  21. Re: 6 days old - Will it calm down eventually?!

    Thank you very much for all the well wishes....

    I think I should probaby post this in another section but besides the chaos that is here .... Why am I not happy?

    How can I have post partum...
  22. 6 days old - Will it calm down eventually?!

    I had her I had her!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Overdue but she's finallyyyyyyyyyy here :)

    Anyway - Questions

    - I have milk - tons of it. I haven't really felt the pain of engorgement .. (Thank God)...
  23. Re: Is supplementing necessary?

    Wow Tanya - Thanks.

    That info is great!! I didn't know (well I actually don't know a lot) about the process of colostrum turning into mature milk.

    You are right about the advice ....... I need...
  24. Re: Is supplementing necessary?

    Funny you should ask that. My coworker was very defensive when I said he should contact someone.

    He said they both know what to do and it's not as easy as I think.

    I'm in a hard position as...
  25. Is supplementing necessary?

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and listening to EVERYONE's advice. A coworker told me his wife "just can't" product enough milk. They have a 4 month old daughter. I told him from everything I've read and...
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