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  1. Re: Night wean 17 month old not eating solids

    If it's feasible i highly recommend the purchase of a Vitamin. They are expensive, the cheapest i know of is at Costco for about $349. They go up from there. Since my daughter started eating solids...
  2. Re: playing with other boob while nursing. frustrated!

    Agh so irritating isn't it! When it's daytime I can tell my daughter hand off please (50x) and she complies (50x). If it really hurts I say 'your hand there is giving mommy an owie'. At 25 mos she is...
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    Re: thoughts on breastfeeding

    I would not say that i tried to wean and then resumed, but I do feel like I made a conscious decision to allow but not offer. I work F/T so I nurse her down at night and go to sleep with her in the...
  4. Re: 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

  5. 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

    Very proud of this milestone. Never saw this as a possibility back when I was pregnant. Thank you llli leaders and members for all your support.
  6. Re: What happens if you don't night wean?

    Your daughter's not sleep habits match mine! She will be 2 in a few days. Sometimes I will sneak out of bed while she's asleep and not latched and go sleep elsewhere, leaving her with dad. She tends...
  7. Re: 18 months, no real nursing limits, anyone else?

    My daughter is 22 mos, I work full time and we nurse on demand. She is a very busy girl so on weekends she will usually go several hours without. Overnight it varies. We co sleep and sometimes it...
  8. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    We are having a lot of luck with daddy sleep. I'm planning on letting our daughter self wean but sometimes the number of wake ups is tough on me. Especially before a workday. Or I just need some...
  9. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    The PPs have all answered well I just wanted to let you know my 21 month old needs to be nursed to sleep and back to sleep if I'm the one putting her down. She does not sleep through the night and a...
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    Re: Pump weaning

    Don't be surprised if it takes a couple to several months to pump wean. I was fearful and cut back slowly. At 15 months I was done hooray! While not working I nurse on demand with no issues and my...
  11. Re: Does extended bfing lead to longer fertility?

    I got pregnant at 42 with no conception assistance and delivered at 43, natural VBAC. The prior six years I had not conceived, but in 2012 I eliminated all inflammation foods from my diet - every...
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    Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    Best sleep ever last night, bliss!
    Nursed down for bed by 9pm, one waking at 4am to nurse. Then slept till 7am with dad (I got up at 6:15 and came back just before she woke). At first she didn't...
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    Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    Well hi everyone - I am back from my trip and just seeing all these responses (I always choose to receive responses by email, but I nearly always have to log in and look under control panel). Anyhoo,...
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    sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    I'm on day 3 of a 4 day business trip. My 20 month old daughter has STTN with dad every night i've been gone (they are co-sleeping). She has not once STTN or even close in 20 mos for me - the Dairy...
  15. feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    I'm on a four day business trip in Canada, a long way from home in the U.S. Although I pump weaned when my daughter was 15 mos, i am still breastfeeding her (on demand when i am at home) at 20 mos...
  16. Re: Safe Skincare Products While Breastfeeding?

    maybe a tea tree oil acne stick? also i had mild acne my whole adult life until i eliminated all inflammation foods 3 years ago. i haven't had more than an occasional pimple ever since.
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    Re: A business trip in 4 days

    My nursing toddler is 19 months. I nurse before work, when I get home, overnight and thru the weekend. Next week I travel for work for 4 days. Although I pump weaned over 4 mos ago I'm not used to...
  18. Re: Completely pump weaned, but work trip is coming

    Thanks. My husband doesn't mind making smoothies, or anything else really. He has the more flexible schedule and cooks a lot for us.
  19. Re: Completely pump weaned, but work trip is coming

    Oh I won't transport it back. I just meant do you try to have husband, caregiver etc give any expressed milk - say from a frozen stash - while you're out of town. The only way we could do it is to...
  20. Re: Completely pump weaned, but work trip is coming

    Does your little one take expressed milk while you travel these days?
    Or do you just skip it, pump for relief while you're gone and resume nursing when you're back?
    My daughter stopped wanting milk...
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    Re: All Night Nursing @18 months

    If it helps we are going through this on and off at 18.5 months. Mine has never STTN and I just started to get some longer stretches of sleep. She's a chatterbox but still only one, two or three...
  22. Re: Completely pump weaned, but work trip is coming

    I agree it may be possible but having a back up plan seems like the way to go. I've never looked at manual pumps but I will. Thanks.
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    Re: Miserable Nights

    You know I can remember horrible stomach aches throughout my entire childhood. I figured out on my own at age 27 that I was extremely lactose intolerant. I quit cow dairy and never looked back. Now...
  24. Completely pump weaned, but work trip is coming

    My daughter is 18 mos and I nurse on demand when I'm not working. I work M thru F, gone 9 to 10 hours a day incl drive time. Lots of nursing at night when we co sleep and on weekends as well. We have...
  25. Re: Scared about pumping and going back to work

    Had the same anxiety. My daughter has never been the sleep alone type so pumping while she napped wasn't an option. I did sometimes pump one side while she fed on the other. Pretty good results that...
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