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  1. Re: Has anyone introduced a SNS to an older baby?(9 months)

    Thank you for your responses eve9 and lllmeg. i really appreciate it. I haven't got an LC here in Lyon as I can't find one competent. The one that is highly recommended told me that my dd should be...
  2. Has anyone introduced a SNS to an older baby?(9 months)

    Hi breastfeeding my daughter has been a struggle. She will only nurse to sleep and during her sleep. This week my letdown has stopped as she is not swallowing rapidly anymore. She has a horrible...
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    Re: When to

    She will be 7 months on December 4th.
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    When to

    Hello, my dd has started with solids but only about a tsp or 2 a day. So far she has has avocado, sweet potato and banana. I was advised to start with purees (mixed with bm) as she has a very...
  5. Re: Baby only nurses well when tired or asleep

    Thank you for your response Mommal. I find her latch is poor because I often have nipple tenderness once in awhile even pain. Also when she is done nursing one side of my nipple has been flattened. I...
  6. Baby only nurses well when tired or asleep

    Hello Ladies, my baby is 5 months now and since 3 month old has been feeding when tired and in her sleep. Her weight gain is fine bc of this but it very frustrating for me as i have a 4 yr old as...
  7. Re: Correcting the latch of a 6 mo old - desperately need he

    I am so sorry that you and your baby are struggling. My baby sounds exactly like yours except she won't take a bottle so far. She had her ppt/ult cut at 11 weeks and it's going downhill from there. I...
  8. How to encourage nursing when awake?

    Hello again, thank goodness for this forum. My baby (4 months on the 4th) who had her posterior tongue tie and lip tie clipped at 11 weeks, had cst sessions but always had and still has a very...
  9. Re: Starting daycare for 3 hours -2 days/wk...haberman feede

    Thank you so much for your replies. Dd will only be in daycare 3 hours Monday and 3 hours Wednesday. I will rent a pump as insurance covers it(probably the lactina).My worry is that she has a bad...
  10. Starting daycare for 3 hours -2 days/wk...haberman feeder?

    Hello all, as my dd has now turned 3 months and 3 days i'm posting here. My baby will be going to daycare twice a week starting in September. I wanted her to start at 6 months but the policy is...
  11. Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

    Hello, i have posted a few times and it was thought that I had forceful letdown and oversupply. Well the real culprit was posterior tongue tie and lip tie. My 11 week old had them clipped at 10 weeks...
  12. Re: Baby had 2 month shots today. Not nursing!!!!

    Thank you for your reply and excellent suggestions. The bath worked. :)
  13. Baby had 2 month shots today. Not nursing!!!!

    Hello it's me again. thank goodness for these forums. I have been trying to nurse my baby but each time after she cues she takes one suck and leaves the breast. I've tried switching, different...
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    Re: Very worried. 8 week old

    Thank you both very much for your replies. I will take all advice into account. I went to see a mid-wife who apparently deals with breastfeeding issues. I was disappointed to say the least. All I...
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    Very worried. 8 week old

    Hello this is my 1st time posting. I hope someone will be able to provide some guidance. I had a great supply from the beginning and my LO has been gaining well. She has only taken one side per feed...
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