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  1. Re: So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    mama.p your post also made me feel better - I have many friends who are nursing toddlers DS's age...but I'm the only one whose similar-aged child nurses so frequently and even when we are out and...
  2. Re: Yet another "ped pushing foods at 6 months" thread

    On the topic of iron - DS actually tested low on iron at 9 months, and the pediatrician agreed that it was best if I could get his iron up with natural sources rather than a supplement or cereal. He...
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    Re: Salt/Condiments ?? is it bad?

    Actually, frozen veggies are pretty awesome....
    This is coming from a mama who has for very long periods of time (like a pregnancy...and then some...) eaten under a gram of sodium a day. And that's...
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    Re: solids not pureed enough

    We also did baby-led weaning. The extent of his purees was apple sauce we were having with meals, and some leftover pumpkin puree DH had when making pumpkin pie.

    You might look at...
  5. Re: How many calories from breastmilk after 1yr?

    Wow. That's pretty amazing. And...I would think my own son is getting much more than 15oz a day of my milk. Wow. Really - that's amazing.
  6. Re: So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    We do a lot of talking about emotions - we even have a book that I like that shows different facial expressions on animal characters, and he likes to turn the wheel in the book and name the different...
  7. Re: So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    Yeah, he was doing an all-the-time kind of nursing around that age, too. I laughed at the pediatrician's nurse asking me how often he was nursing because it wasn't even possible to distinguish one...
  8. So...how often does your toddler nurse?

    DS is 21 months and easily nurses 8-12 times/day (including at least 2x in the night, usually more). I always expected to be "still" nursing at this age...but not THIS MUCH. I hear people with 6m/o...
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