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  1. Re: somebody help, he makes this noise

    cool thanks!
    after reading that im thinking thats why he makes the noise.

    well that makes me happy. ive been racking my brain... worried the pacifier i gave him made him get nipple confusion. ...
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    Re: Doing everything wrong?

    go buy The Breastfeeding Book by Dr Sears.
    this book helped me TONS!!!!!! and i love it.
    my sons 3wks old and im so glad i bought this book.
    its easy to understand and follow. :ita
  3. somebody help, he makes this noise

    my son is 3 wks old tomorrow and we've been breastfeeding since he was born. he had no bottles or pacifiers in the hospital at all. my doctor said he could have a pacifier when he was about a week...
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    Re: Gerber Storage Bags

    i asked almost the same question about two days ago. i heard that the mommys milk bags work. i dont know though. its just what i had come across when i was reading about drop in bottles.

    i think...
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